Soren said his first word! On Sunday morning I was lucky enough to be snuggling with him in bed at our family cottage, and he looked up and saw a key rack on the wall. Very clearly he pointed and said 'Keys'. I couldn't believe it!! I was so excited, but also kept doubting myself that I hadn't quite heard correctly. Well, today when Tyler picked him up from daycare Gail was so excited to tell Tyler about Soren's first word... Keys! He pointed to a set of her keys and clearly stated what they were, without any sort of prompting.

While reading a story tonight he also said 'ball'. His little voice is so, so cute!! It's going to be so much fun to hear all of his new words in weeks to come. We are going to have to remember to watch what we say...

Some ballet... and a bike helmut


On Friday evening we went to Ballet in the Park for my mom's birthday. It was a beautiful night, and thousands of people had the same idea as us and spread out their picnic blankets. We brought some food and snuck in a bottle of wine, and very much enjoyed watching the Royal Winnipeg Ballet perform for free. Winnipeg has been overcome by hockey fever ever since the return of the Jets, which has made it somewhat of a hard year for the Arts. Spending a night outdoors, watching world-renowned professional dancers makes me appreciate this city for more than just hockey! Hopefully we can make it to some theatre or ballet performances this year, along with some hockey games of course.

I had a few minutes of relaxing while he sat on my lap and watched the dancers...

 And then he was on the move!

My dad came to meet us on his bike, and Soren LOVED playing with his bike helmut!
Grandpa's shoes were pretty fun too.

Fun at the Farmer's Market!


After we pick up produce, grab fresh coffees, and choose the best cinnamon buns, we love to settle in on the grass and listen to some live music. There is a big grassy area where Soren can roam around, and dance, if he so chooses. This Saturday the weather could not have been more perfect, and we stayed for as long as possible before nap time called us home.

Tyler and I could not get over how BIG (old) Soren looked! We changed out his infant carseat, and all of a sudden it looks like we have a full on toddler on our hands. I'm excited for the new adventures ahead, but a little sad to pack away another one of his baby things.

Favourites of the Week


Well - since it was my birthday week I guess it should have been a good one! And it was, starting with coffee in bed on Monday morning! Croissants were waiting in the kitchen for me, and fresh flowers were on the table.
I've eaten WAY too many cupcakes this week... I think the total in a 7-day period must be close to 10. Grand total times to the gym? One. I don't think my 45 minute boot camp workout could burn off several thousand calories. Sigh. Next week's got to get better!! I'm in a wedding in 3 weeks, and I need to fit into my bridesmaid dress!
cupcakes from the Lilac Bakery
Speaking of dresses, mine is from J.Crew which is the absolute best place to buy bridesmaid dresses. I have heard horror stories of friends hideous dresses, not to mention the stress of shopping together and agreeing on styles/colour/fit and price. The bride in this wedding simply picked a colour and told us each to buy whatever style of dress we wanted (not long - the only stipulation was that it had to be short). It was the easiest shopping experience ever, and since the seven bridesmaids live in 4 different cities spanning 3 countries it was the only thing that made logistical sense. I can't wait to wear mine at the wedding! My J.Crew magazine arrived in the mail today, and I'm tempted to use my birthday money to buy a new sweater for fall. This one looks cute:
 J.Crew polkadot sweater
 An exciting blog update is that I bought a custom domain! I am now officially - no .blogspot!

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog. Have a lovely week-end!

And one more pic of the Littlest. It doesn't seem like a complete post without one!

A Euro-Cup doll that Uncle Ru brought back from the Ukraine!

A day in the life of...


A 13-Month Old!

I skipped a few months here - although I wasn't thinking that it had to be a monthly thing. Maybe I'll start a monthly update from here on in? We'll see what happens next month. No promises!

7:00am - You wake up and start fussing in your crib. Sometimes you start talking to yourself, and seem happy to hang out by yourself (and your animals) for quite some time. I'm already up since it's a work day, so I usually shower and get ready before coming in to get you. You have a great big smile when you see me, and then we nurse for a few minutes before getting you dressed. We wake up Daddy and say good-bye to him all in the same moment.

7:30 - We come downstairs for breakfast and you turn on the light for me. Then you take a seat in your highchair and start munching on some blueberries while I make us some toast. You love jam on toast, but are not too sure about honey. More often than not, you throw pieces of your toast to Kya who is hopping up and down around your chair trying to convince you to throw her some scraps. Rupert's still upstairs sleeping - so he misses out on the fun.

8:00 - Out the door and down the street to daycare! I struggle to carry my purse, your diaper bag, and your squirmy self half a block down the street. You are always so interested in things at this time. We talk about the leaves on the trees, cats we pass, and bikes or cars that pass us. When we arrive at the daycare you get really excited to see their dog, Sam. Next - the little boy from daycare greets us and then we'll see Gail! You usually give her a big smile and reach out for her. I ask you for a kiss (which I usually get) and I'm off to work.

4:30 - Your dad picks you up and hears stories about your day. Sometimes Gail texts me pictures of things you guys are up to, and tells me what you ate for lunch. It usually sounds delicious! The other day you ate farmers sausage, snap peas, tofu, rye bread with coconut oil, and grapes. Lucky you! Mommy's lunches are never quite that appetizing.

5:00 - I come home from work and sometimes find you peering out the window watching for me. A lot of the time you are having a little rest in your crib. When you get home from daycare you like to relax for a few minutes in your crib. You don't normally sleep, but you'll hang out for 20 or 30 minutes and 'recharge' for the evening.

5:30 - Play time! I love to watch you walk! You walk all the time now, which is unbelievable considering you only started at the beginning of July. If I'm in the kitchen preparing dinner, you will often open the tupperware drawer and throw everything out, or try to push the buttons on the fridge, or attempt to pull bananas off the counter (and eat them with the skin still on).

6:00 - We eat dinner together and you chatter away. We can often feed you whatever we have made for dinner, although sometimes you make your preferences known and throw things to the dogs. Happily, you've started to like a few more vegetables - specifically corn on the cob and fresh green beans.

6:30 - If we don't have anything on, we'll sometimes take you and the dogs out for a stroll around the neighbourhood or take you to the park. Yesterday you figured out how to climb up the play structure, walk to the slide, slide down (backwards on your tummy) and start the loop again. You were SO PROUD that you didn't need any help at all.

7:00 - Time for a bath, although you're still pretty unhappy with baths. I'm not sure what happened... but a few weeks back you started screaming when we put you in the tub. You still like the idea of the bath, and while it's running you'll watch excitedly and try to climb in, but once your in it's a struggle to keep you there. After a few minutes you start pointing to your towel and grunting - urgently. I get it. Take you out of the tub! Your favourite part of bathtime is getting wrapped up in a towel and making funny faces in the mirror together.

7:30 - Changed into your pj's, or just your diaper if it's too hot, and into bed. I usually try to read you a quick story but after a couple pages you want out of my lap - so it's into your crib you go.

You are such a happy baby and I'm so lucky to have you! I do miss the daytime hours we used to spend together, but I know you're enjoying yourself at daycare and it's nice for you to be around two other little ones. We make the most of our time together on the weekends and try to pack in as much fun as possible. Hopefully one day I will once again get to spend all day with you - but I can't quite do it just now. I'm looking forward to all of the things that you will get to experience this year - halloween, raking leaves, fall clothes (boys love this I'm sure), thanksgiving, snow and Christmas. Even though they won't be your 'firsts', they will be the first time you can actively participate!

Thank you for screaming in the restaurant!


Wow, was I ever spoiled for my birthday this year! After a fabulous party on Friday night, a day at the Rodeo Saturday, and a day at the beach on Sunday, I couldn't even imagine what my actual birthday (Monday) would bring!

Tyler's alarm went off before mine which was a bit of a tip-off since he's not usually an early riser. By the time I'd showered, dressed, and gotten the dude ready Tyler had already left the house and returned with Starbucks and Croissants! Yum - what a great start to the day.

The great day continued and I met my family at a quaint little Italian restaurant for dinner. Soren's usually pretty good in restaurants, but today decided he would YELL at me as loud as possible. He didn't cry... just yelled and fussed and made terrible faces at me. What was your problem, little guy? After eating about 6 pieces of garlic toast he was a little better... but not by much. Perhaps I've been fooling myself thinking that its 'easy' to take a baby out for dinner? I've been spoiled by his good behaviour for months, and now he's gonna show me what it's like to take a toddler out for dinner!

Hello Thirty!


I've spent the last few weeks reminiscing about my twenties, and as sad as I am to see them go, I'm excited to see what the next decade has in store for me! I feel like your twenties are full of life's biggest milestones; university, living on your own, travel, a real job, engagement, marriage, owning a house, and starting a family. Now I get to enjoy all of the things I've worked hard to surround myself with.

My husband is always complaining that I'm always reaching/wanting the next big thing. I wanted to get engaged, then married, then have a baby... and he worries I don't spend enough time enjoying each stage to the fullest. I don't think he needs to worry! I think it's in my nature to always look ahead, and dream about the next big thing. But that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying every minute of my life now, the way it is. I hope my thirties bring about the time to reflect on everything I have, and how truly lucky I really am.

Do I want to have another baby? Absolutely - but I also want to spend as much time as possible loving the baby that I already have. Do I want a new house one day that has a backyard and more than one bathroom and perhaps air-conditioning? I dream about having an ensuite, but the truth is I know I'll look back one day and reminisce about the days we spent sweating in the kitchen of our first real home, the one we bought together and started a family in.

Thanks to my wonderful husband for planning a fabulous 30th birthday for me this past Friday. It was great to see so many of our friends together in one place, and I will never object to eating mussels!

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The Rodeo


We took a little trip south today to see a real, live, Rodeo! (When I say South I mean an hour drive, not really South, where I would love to go one day...) It was HOT out and the gravel walkways, petting zoos, barns filled with animals, and corn-dog scents made it seem even hotter. I must say there were some very uh, interesting fashion choices to be made out at the Rodeo!

We went with our friend Alex, who never fails to see the excitement in anything and everything. He had a blast showing Soren the big dairy cows, the horses, and kept his eyes peeled to make sure no one accidentally stepped in manure! Luckily our shoes stayed clean:)

 Terrible self-picture... the dude was happy to have another back seat passenger!

Watching a 'critters' presentation. He LOVED it! There was a man presenting snakes and reptiles, and Soren was absolutely fascinated. 

Watching the rodeo. Notice the woman smoking beside us? I don't think the 'no-smoking in public places' law applied out here... it seemed like every second person was smoking when and where they wanted to.

Not a great picture. More just to prove that we were not all sitting in a GrandStand watching nothing!

p.s. - Updates and pictures coming soon from my 30th Birthday Party, which happened last night. I still have one last day in my twenties, and I intend to make the most of it tomorrow at the Beach!

Rest and Relaxation


The Fort Garry Hotel
I am back at work after the most fabulous mini-vacation! I was a little uneasy about spending money to stay at a hotel in my own city - even though I knew the point of the stay was to hang out with my girlfriends. I would HIGHLY recommend it!!

I met the girls there around 4:15, and we dropped our bags in the room and changed into our yoga wear. We walked a few blocks to the beautiful yoga studio Yoga Public, and enjoyed an energizing hour of Ashtanga Yoga.

Back at the hotel, we donned out tiny spa towels, robes, and slippers, and checked into the Spa for our Hamam treatment. We had a massive feast of appetizers to munch on, in addition to traditional Turkish teas, dried fruit, and cheeses. I wasn't sure what to expect with the Hamam treatment - and it's pretty much indescribable. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. You'd have to try it...

We would have been happy to lounge in the 'quiet room' surrounded by white plush cushions, beds, and blankets, however we had an agenda! After sprucing ourselves up a tad, we made it down for dinner around 10pm. Dinner was excellent and we had live music to listen to, which is always nice. Knowing we had cupcakes and champagne in our room, we retreated around 11:30. How wonderful is it to lie in bed with champagne and cupcakes?! Eventually we fell asleep with very full bellies.

This morning I awoke to a beautifully presented coffee and biscotti - on a silver tray - outside our door with the morning paper. We lounged in bed for a bit longer before forcing ourselves to brush our teeth and get dressed. The breakfast was served in a lovely room and came complete with a fresh fruit bar, newly baked pastries, and fresh OJ. And the best part? An omlette bar where we could choose between pancakes, waffles, omlettes, eggs benedict, and french toast. The three of us all chose different variations of the eggs benedict - the traditional ham, smoked salmon, and a spinach florentine.

By 9:30 we were checked out and I was walking back to work - very relaxed and very, very full! I think a similar mini-vacation with Tyler would be just as relaxing, and very romantic. Perhaps for our anniversary?!
Wine in a bathrobe? Yes please!

Bags are packed and ready to go!


image from here
I must note that I LOVE vintage luggage!! 

Tomorrow night I'm not coming home after work. Instead, I'll check into a downtown hotel with 2 of my girlfriends. We will go to a yoga class, go to the spa, and have a lovely dinner. In the morning, we'll stuff ourselves full of delicious breakfast and I'll head back to the office!

One of my girlfriends is getting married, and we wanted to do a little 'mini-retreat' before her big day. With our crazy summer schedules we had to pick a week-night rather than a week-end, but I think I'm looking forward to this even more! I'm already anticipating pouring a glass of wine in a fresh and clean hotel room, knowing that no-one has to make dinner or throw in a load of laundry later. It will be an entire evening of rest, relaxation, and good company!

This also marks my very first night away from Soren. Strangely enough, the following night will be my second night away from him! Tomorrow will be a pretty normal night for him, as it would be when I'm out for the evening and Tyler has to put him to bed on his own. Friday morning might be a little strange for him to wake up and not see me, but he has daycare so the routine is pretty familiar to him. I'll re-unite with the Littlest after work, and then we're taking him to his grandparents for his very first sleep-over!

Back to Business!


I have a computer again! Yea! The camera still needs to get fixed, but we've made a little progress on that too and have at least made a phone call to inquire about fixing it.

We had a good weekend over here - Farmer's Market, a wedding shower, a few good walks, and a BBQ on Friday night. Unfortunately, I seem to have caught the flu/a cold, and on day 4 of it I am still not feeling great. I almost never get sick, so it's bugging me that I can't get out and do everything that I'd like to. Soren got a whole bunch of vaccines last week, and he's reacted to them by getting a major case of the sniffles. Trying to keep his face snot-free is next to impossible!

Another funny thing that Soren did recently was take off his diaper during the night. He woke me up screaming, which is odd, and when I went in to get him he was lying in his crib with a diaper half on. He'd peed the crib and was wet and cold - which is I suppose why he was screaming. Poor little guy. He was sleeping in only his diaper, so I think I'll be keeping pyjamas on him from now on since I don't think he's figured out snaps or zippers.

Here are some pictures of us watching football on Friday night at my sisters. My sister was trying to take some pictures, and Soren was making the funniest weird faces!

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Hermit Cookies


I had never heard of Hermit Cookies before, but after picking up a copy of Martha's American Food, I decided to give them a try. Normally I like sweeter cookies - like my all time favourite chocolate chip cookies, but these turned out quite well. They look kind of like Biscotti, and they are delicious paired with coffee in the morning.

Soren had his 13-month check up yesterday (which is crazy!) and we found out some interesting results. We saw a new pediatrician since our old one retired at the end of May. The new doctor measured Soren's head circumference, and then proceeded to measure both Tyler and my heads. Apparently we are all big headed! Soren is currently in the 30th percentile for weight, and the 90th percentile for head size! Since Tyler and I are both on the 'big head' end, he's not concerned. We were laughing all the way home.

Terrible blogger news!


So, our camera died a few weeks back and we cannot afford to fix it. Tonight I took a couple pictures with my phone, grabbed the laptop and got ready to write a post. The low battery message was flashing, so I went and got the charger and plugged it in. Nothing. Our charger has broken! Literally in two pieces - not sure how that happens... So we now have no laptop.

When it rains, it pours. I may have a lengthy blogger break... Depending on the limited funds situation. Can you believe a charger can cost upwards of $100?

Hot Dogs


Literally - the dogs are feeling the heat these days! On Sunday morning we walked to Starbucks, which was about a half an hour walk away. We ordered coffee for ourselves, and ordered the pups a large water with no ice. They manage to drink out of a cup surprisingly well!

We spent the weekend at the lake and at the beach, which is starting to feel routine. Tyler and I both had Friday off work, so we headed out to my family's cottage for a quiet day splashing in the water and lying in the sun. Soren has been good with the water, and usually enjoys swimming. However - over the past 3 or 4 days he's becoming really fussy when I try to put him in the water, or even wade in with him. Last night he freaked out in his bath, so tonight I called in reinforcements (Daddy) to help me. He screamed and cried when we first put him in, but managed to calm down and enjoy himself by the end. It's weird though... hopefully just a phase?

After spending six of the past nine days with the Littlest, it was hard to go back to work today. Even harder because I have to work a full five days this week! The next long week-end is 3 weeks away... and the countdown is on!!

Friday Faves


I am thrilled to have the day off today! Last weekend was a 3-day weekend, then I worked for 3 days, and now I have 3 days off again. I could get used to a work schedule like this!! Some of my highlights of the week include:

Hanging out in our bathing suits / diapers for more time then we spend in actual clothes.

Playing tennis. I didn't play at all last summer and it felt great to run around hitting some balls! I think my cardio leaves something to be desired... but it's still fun. It's always been something that Tyler and I have enjoyed doing together, and I hope it's a hobby that we can continue for years.

Summer drinks. I met some friends for drinks at Segovia and had the most delicious Gin & Tonic Sorbet. Cocktails like this are never enjoyable in the dead of winter - but they are amazing when it is hot and sunny out! I tried to make my own Strawberry Gin & Tonic at home, and I think it was almost as good as the Sorbet.

image from here
image from here
Baby steps!!! Soren is taking steps on his own now! Last weekend he got a lot braver in trying to walk between pieces of furniture, and every day he gets more and more brave. Last night he was walking a good 5 or 6 steps on his own, and then he would pause and reset himself. I think the crawling days are numbered... I will have to post a video soon.

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