A happy day in the sun


What a wonderful start to a long week-end! Last night we went to a friends house for a BBQ, and sat outside until it got dark. It was still warm enough to be outside without a sweater at 10pm. I love summer:)

This morning we woke up late and headed to the Farmer's Market to enjoy our weekly treat of cinnamon buns for breakfast. After filling ourselves with sticky sweets, we drove out to my cottage to spend the day with my family. Sadly, Tyler had to work. 

We swam, lay in the sun, played in the sand, and ate some delicious sweet cherries. It was a day full of sunscreen and sand, naked babies and damp swimsuits. I just got home, put the Littlest to bed and climbed into bed with the laptop. Tomorrow we are going to go to some Canada Day festivities, and then on Monday it's back to the beach!

The Littlest Linden Colours!


We had a few minutes to kill tonight before dinner, and I wanted to do something a little calmer than throw all of the tupperware around the kitchen! Oh wait - that's what Soren does. I just pick them back up 50 times a day. Anyways, we pulled out the crayons and he was so proud of himself colouring, and getting to sit in his own chair at the table! It's going to be fun doing 'big kid' activities with him as he gets older.

Cool dudes of summer


 We are really lucky to have a fabulous new park in our backyard, or at least a 10 minute drive away. On Sunday afternoon we met up with friends at the park and had a very leisurely afternoon. They have a baby Great Dane... but she is already around 80 lbs at just 5 and a half months!! She's a sweetheart though, despite her imposing size.

We strolled around the park and stopped for an ice-cream for the Littlest, which he devoured. The kid LOVES baked goods, fruit, raisins, and anything desert like. Vegetables - not so much. He's started to make the funniest faces when he doesn't want something... I'm sure we are in for some good food 'fights' as he gets older and more opinionated.

The park has a really cool water feature area, which consists of a series of dams and running water. The kids can build up dams, and then release the water and watch their sand creations get washed away. It's pretty neat, and keeps kids of all ages entertained. We were not so thrilled with the overbearing parents. Since it's a series of dams, no one kid can control it. As soon as someone upstream breaks their dam, down comes the water. You can see how busy it is... but some parents felt the need to bark orders at their kids or anyone else who would listen. 'Stop', 'No', 'Move to the left', 'Don't release the water!'and other orders could be heard from all directions. It was weird - are these parents all engineers? Are they teaching their toddlers the specifications of dam-building? Relax and let them figure it out on their own!! Even Soren was yelled at by other parents. Two different people yelled 'dirty' at him as he was splashing around. Really?? Playgrounds are very interesting places... but its usually the adults doing the inappropriate things, not the children.

Summer Saturdays


Here's a glimpse into a typical Saturday for us!

7:15am - S wakes up. We lay in bed, he nurses, we play, and then head downstairs for breakfast around 8:30.

9:00 - We drive to the Farmers Market. It is a BEAUTIFUL day out and the sun is shining. Even at 9am we are hot in just our t-shirts. We wander around the market and pick up some asparagus, beets, and mini cucumbers. Tyler makes a stop for spring rolls, and Soren and I pick up a fresh whole-wheat cinnamon bun to share. We head over to a picnic table where a Brazilian band is just starting up. Soren devours his share of the cinnamon bun, and then has a blast looking at some ducks/chickens in a little coop.
The band starts playing louder, and Soren crawls across the grass right in front of the stage. He starts bopping up and down, and another little boy comes up beside him on a cool little tricycle. We find out the two of them are born exactly a month apart, and comment on how they are both completely bald. Soren LOVES his tricycle, so we think a trip to Toys R Us is in our near future.

11 - We head home because Tyler needs to go to work. Soren's ready for a nap, so I busy myself with laundry and cleaning the kitchen while he sleeps.

2pm - Soren's up from his nap, and we've eaten a quick lunch. We decide to head out in search of a Splash Pad! There are a ton of them in Winnipeg, but not all are open until July 1. It takes us about 40 minutes to walk to the nearest one, which is in kind of a strange area. The splash pad is freezing, because the water isn't heated at all. Most of the splash toys project water at an insane speed, so it's not really suitable for a baby. (Think 10 foot tall buckets of icy water dropping at any second.) There seems to be a mix of kids splashing, and adults 'bathing'. I think I'll try the splash pads a little closer to home next time. He did have fun though, and it was cute to see him in his bathing suit.

3:30 - We leave the splash pad and stop by the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. I've decided to make Steak Fajitas, and I want to have everything ready by the time Tyler gets home from work. I'm envisioning greeting him with lipstick and a dress on, with dinner on the table and wine chilling in the fridge. No small feat with a little guy in tow!

Soren is a complete ham at the grocery store and is waving and 'talking' to everyone he sees. We must have had 10 people comment on how happy is he. After loading the stroller up with groceries, we start the trek home and I take a small detour into a little boutique. Inside, I decide to try on a cute striped cotton dress. The store clerk offers to watch Soren as I duck into the tiny fitting room (actually just a curtain). As soon as I pull the curtain closed I hear him SCREAM! (He is only 2 feet away from me.) I try to play peek-a boo with the store girl attempting to play along... but as soon as I am 'gone' he freaks out. I pull him into the change room with me and throw the dress over my shorts and tank. At this point I feel I should buy it since we've disrupted the store... but I leave empty handed.

5pm - We arrive home and put the groceries away. I decide to give S a bath, after which I put him down for a little nap so I can vacuum and change. He sleeps for about 45 minutes, which proves to be too long.

6:30 - Soren's in his highchair mowing down a hot dog (all-natural picked up at the Farmer's Market earlier), and I'm dancing around the kitchen listening to Blue Rodeo. Soren thinks I'm completely nuts. The tables set, dinner is prepped, and I've managed to put on some lipstick. Tyler walks in the door!

8:00 - Try to put S down, as dinner's ready and we are ready to eat by ourselves. He normally goes to bed around 7:30/8. He screams. We turn the music up, pour some wine, and try to settle in. The screams stop. Tyler and I enjoy a delicious dinner  - the flank steak turns out perfectly thanks to Tyler's superb grilling skills! As we are helping ourselves to seconds, we hear Soren start crying again. Tyler goes up to sit with him.

9 - I'm enjoying my second glass of wine, the kitchen's cleaned, and I'm watching the worst show on TV - The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Tyler's still upstairs sitting with Soren. Normally he goes to bed so easily, so we hope this is not the start of something new... I think I'll write off his bedtime issues with the fact that I gave him a late nap.

There you have it! A wonderful Saturday, and pretty typical of how we usually spend our days off:)

Friday night at the Symphony


We just got back from a wonderful evening watching the Winnipeg Symphony. They played a free concert at an outdoor vendor, and it was such a beautiful night. My mom came with us, and the three of us had a great time enjoying some music and eating some great food.

Soren might have enjoyed watching the boys beside us play around more than the actual concert... but that's ok. He clapped his hands along to the music for a few songs. One of the funniest things was a couple that walked up and sat in front of us. They had a dog with them, which was normal, but then they set up three chairs and the dog sat down in between them! He was a big husky type, and he sat right up like a human. It was quite strange...

A biter


Every parents worst nightmare... their kid is a biter!! When I dropped Soren off at his daycare this morning, I was appalled to hear that he had BITEN his caregiver on Monday. She said he was really excited, and came over and chomped her on the arm. She had a huge bruise on her arm! Yikes.

While Soren has never bitten me (hard), he really loves for me to bite his fingers. I pretend to make chomping noises and then 'chomp' down on them as he squeals in delight. Did I create this biting monster?! At least he is biting out of excitement, rather then anger or frustration. (Is that better?)

Luckily his daycare lady is really nice and laid back, and isn't too put off by being bitten. I was texting her today to get updates, but there were no more bites to report.

In other news, I have these blueberry lemon cheesecake bars in the oven right now. I hope mine look as great as this picture. The worst part about cheesecake? I have to wait until tomorrow to try them!
image from InspiredTaste.net

My first pie!


This morning Soren and I woke up extra early, threw on our clothes, and headed out to watch my dad run in a half marathon. The weather was beautiful - perfect for running, or watching runners in our case. We watched lots of people go by, and then along came Grandpa! He stopped just long enough to kiss us on the heads and he was off! I'm not sure Soren was too clear on what was happening, because he was completely enthralled by 2 musicians who had set up right beside us. He clapped his hands along with the beat and bopped his head up and down.

I'm so mad that our camera is broken. I tried to take a few shots with my phone, but the one I thought I had of my dad turned out to be just a big blur.

Back at home, I decided it was time to tackle baking my first pie! I'm not a huge pie fan, so it's never really interested me to bake one. However, I know that my dad, grandpa, and husband are all big pie eaters so I thought I'd take the plunge.

It was a little intimidating reading all of the directions. I followed the Classic Apple Pie from America's Test Kitchen and it turned out perfectly. Probably the hardest part was peeling and slicing all of the apples, and that was just tedious, not difficult.

This picture was before it went in the oven. I forgot to take a picture after it was baked, and now there are only crumbs left:)

We headed to my sisters house for dinner, and the pie was a hit! Tyler's 2nd fathers day was a success, and he managed not to get peed on:)

Happy Fathers Day


Last year on Father's Day you marked the day by getting peed on... oops! I guess bringing a one-week old baby into bed without a diaper on was not a good idea:)

Soren is lucky to have such a wonderful and caring father - he really couldn't ask for anyone better. You've put on the baby sling and walked him up and down the block, stayed awake for hours with your little finger in his mouth so he could sleep, and chased him up and down the stairs countless times. Soren loves you!! Happy 2nd Fathers Day.

Also, a very happy fathers day to my dad, my father-in-law, and my grandpa!

Thanks for playing with me... 
 and telling me secrets.
 Thanks for watching my first hockey game with me...
and teaching me important things.
I'll always look up to you dad!

The best way to eat peanut butter


For the second day in a row, I've eaten ice cream.

This is definitely not good for the 'summer figure'. What's even worse is that I ate a healthy dinner, went to the gym, and then left early to pick up ice cream on my way home!! What the heck?! On the other hand, this ice cream is delicious! And it comes in a tiny, mini container that even has a little spoon attached. Sometimes having Safeway at the end of the my street is not a good thing.

Soren's daycare provider was sick today so we had to scramble around figuring out what to do. I went into work early, and then came home in the afternoon so Tyler could spend a half day at the office. The plus side of this was that I got to spend the whole afternoon with the Littlest! We walked down to the park, and enjoyed watching all of the 'big kids' run around. I can only imagine how crazy it's going to be once I have a little one racing around... for now I'm content to plop him in the sandbox and know that he's not going anywhere quickly.

I think walking is just around the corner, but for now I am enjoying his little arms reaching up to me every time he wants to go somewhere. I know these days are not going to last:)

The Bridge Drive In


For Soren's real birthday we thought we would go to the Bridge Drive In for his first taste of ice cream. (he might have had a tiny bite once before... but this was practically his first time!)

It is well within walking distance but it was looking like rain, and after getting caught in a torrential downpour a few weeks ago we thought we'd play it safe.

No surprise here - the Littlest LOVES ice cream! I got a hot fudge sunday and Tyler got caramel, and he definitely preferred caramel. We went for a walk across the bridge to a little park, and when we came back to the car he started squealing and waving his arms when he caught site of the ice cream stand. The BDI is located about 10 minutes from our house so I hope he doesn't start freaking out every time we pass it!!

Happy First Birthday!


From before you were born, you've made me so happy. 
I've always wanted to be a mother, and you've given me so much joy.
You are such an entertaining little boy. You laugh and smile and find so much enjoyment out of the little things in this world. It's so much fun to watch you learn and explore.
I am a little bit sad that your first year has come to an end, but I know there is SO MUCH more we have to look forward to! 
Happy Birthday One Year Old! 
Love you lots and lots

Blogger tragedy


Our camera is broken! Nothing obvious is broken, like the lens, but maybe that is even worse. When I turn it on it just flashes 'shutter error'. We have absolutely no money in our meagre budget for a new camera, so I really hope we can figure it out by ourselves.

image from here
We had a lovely Sunday, minus the broken camera. This morning the dude slept in till an unprecedented 9:30!!! (He woke up as usual at 6:30, but I fed him quickly and put him back in his crib where he stayed until 9:30!) After a breakfast of left-over cinnamon buns and strawberries, we headed out for a walk with the 2 dogs. It was beautiful outside and we headed to the playground, where Soren played nicely in the sandbox and the dogs lay by the stroller. 

This afternoon we dropped Soren off at his aunt Amanda's, and then Tyler and I went to my cousins dance recital. The little 3-year olds in their pink tutus and baby ballet buns make me want to have a little girl sooo much!! I kind of feel like I will only have boys, though. Tyler has 5 brothers (and one sister), so I feel like the male genes are running strong. I will hold out hope that I can one day fill a closet with pink dresses, hairbands, and frilly tights!

Birth Story


I started this post a couple months ago, but didn't get past the title. Since it's closing in on a year since Soren was born, I thought I'd finally document the l-o-n-g birth story. So here goes.

I was originally due on June 1, 2011, but at my 5-month ultrasound the technician changed the date to May 29 - which I then decided would be THE day I gave birth. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, and to be honest I was pretty sure I was having a girl. I may have even named 'her' and talked to 'her' in my belly. My last day of work was May 13, because I wanted to have 2 weeks off before 'she' arrived. None of these plans happened as I was expecting them to.

I enjoyed the weeks off leading up to the due date. I refolded all of the little clothes, cleaned the house, made some meals and caught up with all the household tasks that are easy to get away on you when you work full-time. By the time May 29 rolled around, I was more than ready to meet this little person. May rolled into June, and still no baby. I walked MILES every day and ate whole pineapples each day. I tried all the old-wives tales to get this baby moving, but he was clearly content in there. I had a couple doctors appointments, and everything checked out ok. I went for a fetal assessment at one week past due, and everything still looked good. By this point (around June 6th or 7th) I was practically begging my doctor to induce me. No such luck. I was FINALLY added to the induction list on June 11, and the hospital called me bright and early on the Saturday morning to tell me to come on down.

With excitement, we grabbed our bags, stopped for a Starbucks, and headed to the hospital. Today would be the day! My baby's birthday would be June 11, or so we thought. Upon arrival at the hospital I was given cervagel and hooked up to a fetal monitor. Apparently the cervagel is supposed to be the first stage of induction, although I had no idea how long this stage could last. Everything looked good on the fetal monitor so I was told I could walk around, eat, and do whatever. Every hour I would have to be hooked back up to the fetal monitor. I was not technically admitted to the hospital at this point, as I was not in labour. I was in the triage area, which was not the most comfortable. The room was fine, but it felt very unsettled as I didn't know how long I would have to remain there, and I didn't have my own nurse.

My mom came to hang out with us and we went for a walk outside. It was a beautiful day out, and I was thinking this was such a perfect day to bring a baby into the world. Just as we headed out for a walk I felt something weird, and realized my water had broken! I wasn't really feeling any contractions, but I was excited that my water had broken because I knew then that I would have my baby within 24 hours. (Apparently this is NOT the case... I had some nurses tell me later that I could still wait several days after my water broke, depending on fluid levels.)

We headed back into the hospital to let them know about my water breaking, and again I was hooked up to a monitor. Around this time I started to get some minor contractions, but they were manageable and not overly painful. We hung out in triage ALL day, alternating walking around, reading, trying to relax, and getting hooked up to the fetal monitor. I was checked a couple times and never dilated past 1-2 centimetres, although the contractions were beginning to become more frequent and more intense. After I'd been in the hospital 12 hours, so around 9pm, I was given another dose of cevagel.

I think this is around the time the contractions picked up a lot in terms of intensity and frequency. I was having strong contractions every 3-4 minutes and they were lasting close to 60 seconds. I was getting tired of hearing 'no change' every time I was checked, and I was still in triage. It was hard not having one nurse - instead I had rotating nurses come and check me and all of them would differ slightly in their technique and advice. I wanted to know how long I had to stay in triage, and when they would determine that it was time to move me on to the next step, seeing as how I was having contractions every couple minutes for nearly 14 hours - and I was still not dilating.

Around midnight I began to get really discouraged and I was feeling pretty awful. I wanted some medication, or some sort of relief from the continuous pain. Since I was still in triage I did not have a room with a shower or tub, and I also could not get an epidural because I was not yet at 3 centimetres. A nurse came in and I started crying... and she was wonderful and offered to 'sneak' me into a room where I could take a shower. The shower was AMAZING! I must have stayed in for at least an hour and I felt way, way better. When I came out, I had to go back to the triage area and the pain picked right back where it left off.

The nice nurse checked me again and proclaimed I was 2-3 - which meant I could officially 'check-in' to the hospital and get out of triage. Since I was being induced, and they wanted to start me on pitocin, I had to be checked in to the High Risk unit which was unfortunate because the regular unit (where we snuck in to shower) had beautiful single rooms with walk in showers, rocking chairs, flat-sceen TV's, and mini-fridges. The high-risk unit was no-frills.

Around 2 or 3am I was checked into High Risk and finally assigned my own nurse. She was unreal. It felt so wonderful to have someone with you all the time... sitting by your side and offering support and advice. They wanted to start pitocin so I opted to get an epidural as I was in a ton of pain and was realizing this labour was taking a l-o-n-g time.

A sleepy-haired anesthesiologist came in an gave me an epidural, and I felt immediate relief. They started the pitocin and I fell into an exhausted sleep/rest period. I don't really remember what happened next, but I heard the story from Tyler who was by my side during all of this, and he describes what happened as the scariest thing of his entire life.

The baby's heart rate dropped, a lot, so all of the machines started beeping and going crazy. The nurse jumped into action, and then my blood pressure plummeted and I passed out. I guess the nurse ran into the hall yelling for help, while poor Tyler feared his wife and un-born baby were dying. No one told him anything as they rushed in and stabilized us. I kind of remember feeling really groggy and hearing the machines beeping away. The doctor determined that the baby was not handling the pitocin well, so she stopped the pitocin and told me to get some rest. She suggested that we may have to have a c-section, but they would wait a couple hours and re-assess.

A couple hours later, around 6:30am, the doctor came in and told me that she wanted to do a c-section. I was thrilled! My original birth plan (non-medicated, natural, etc) was obviously out the window and I just wanted to get this baby out of me. She explained what would happen, walked me through the process, and then said she didn't want to do the c-section herself as she was at the end of her 24-hour shift. This seemed fair enough as it was not an emergency that I get the c-section that minute. A new doctor would be on around 8am, and I could rest for an hour until then. I happily lay back down thinking that I would soon meet my baby.

Around 8:30 a new doctor came in an introduced herself, and I assumed I would be having the c-section soon. Wrong. She reviewed my chart and decided to start me back on pitocin!!! If the baby's heart rate dropped again, or I passed out again, they would stop immediately and proceed with the c-section. I burst into tears - I didn't want to put the baby or myself in more danger, and I was tired of waiting. I wanted to meet my baby! It seemed so unfair to me that they were making me try the pitocin AGAIN. I still had not dilated past 2-3 centimetres.

The pitocin and epidurals were re-started and I had to stay in bed. I was also not allowed to eat or drink anything, so it was not a very pleasant day. All day they kept increasing the pitocin more and more, while I lay in bed helpless to do anything. Our family and friends were shocked that the baby still had not arrived, since I'd been in the hospital for over 30 hours.

Around 6pm I started to feel weird, and I started shaking. I had some pain but it was numbed from the epidurals. All of a sudden the machines started beeping again and nurses and doctors came running. The babies heart rate had dropped again, but this time there was some news! I had dilated to 10 centimetres within about an hour! They told me it was time to push.

I was shocked, but also exhausted. I'd been in the hospital for almost 36 hours and had not been allowed to eat or drink anything for close to 24. As well, the doctor had prepped me (mentally) for a c-section 12 hours before, so I had put the idea of a vaginal delivery completely out of my mind. I didn't feel ready to push a baby out. I somehow knew that it wasn't supposed to happen that way.

The hospital must have suspected a vaginal delivery was unlikely, so they took me to the Operating Room to push. I was on a very narrow bed in the middle of a huge room with spotlights pointed at me. There were at least 6 people in the room including Tyler, of course, but also several nurses, a doctor, and a paramedic in training. The doctor checked me and said I was actually only 9 centimetres, and she didn't think the baby was low enough down. Regardless - she told me to go ahead and push.

I must admit this was not my finest hour. After attempting to push (but fully doubting myself), for awhile I told everyone I wanted to go home, without giving birth. Tyler and a nurse had to physically hold me down on the table as I tried to make my escape. I then insisted that the GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME, over and over until the poor nurse went to get the doctor.

At long last the doctor came in, checked me, and decided to do a c-section. The baby was not budging and was also sunny-side up, not an optimal way to enter the world. The anesthesiologist - who was this AMAZINGLY calm, wonderful man - came in and started testing me to see what I could feel on my stomach. I could feel everything. After hours and hours of pitocin, epidurals, and other drugs, my body was a mess and no amount of drugs that he was giving me were numbing my stomach. He finally announced that he couldn't proceed, and we would have to do a general anesthesia. Tyler was told to leave the room, and more people had to enter the room. A general anesthesia is more dangerous for both mom and baby, so they needed a different team of people in the OR.

Right before putting me under, the doctor tested my stomach again for feeling, and I didn't feel much. He said I was 80% frozen and lets try the c-section. He sat right by my head and told me to tell him if I felt anything. Tyler was brought back in. I didn't feel the incision... and a few minutes later heard crying!! All I wanted to know was - Boy or Girl? Tyler stood up and looked over the curtain, and exclaimed BOY!

Soren Gordon Linden was born at 10pm on Sunday, June 12, 2011. He weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce, and measured 20.5 inches in length. 

Soren was wrapped up in blankets and they showed him to me quickly before they sewed me back up. When I was brought into the recovery room half an hour later, Tyler walked in with our baby, all wrapped up and looking around with huge eyes. He handed him to me and I finally got to have my baby in my arms, after months and months of anxiously waiting. He was perfect.

I later found out the Soren had the cord wrapped around his neck, twice. That explains the drop in heart-rate, and also why he wasn't descending low enough. Every time he tried to descend into the birth canal the cord tightened around his little neck, and his heart rate dropped. When the doctor came out of the surgery, she told my mom and sister that had this been 100 years ago, both Soren and I would have died. What a thing for the doctor to say!

Friday Faves


This week has gone by really fast, but I'm beginning to feel like all of them do! This weekend I have plans to meet up with some girlfriends for drinks, go to my cousins dance recital, and go to another cousins birthday party on Sunday evening. I'm also hoping to go the Farmers Market again, and maybe lay in the sun for a bit.

Here are some of my favourite things right now:

1) Home made iced tea. Sooo refreshing when I come home from work, after surviving a hot and sweaty bus ride.
2) Downton Abbey. I've just discovered this show and I'm in love! I'm almost finished watching season one.

3) Kisses from the Littlest. He is so proud of himself when he gives kisses!! It's the cutest.

4) The not so cute face of the Littlest. Who knows what the problem is? Probably absolutely nothing. His crying pictures make me laugh... and I still think he looks pretty cute.

5) Maxi dresses. Still don't have one, but maybe I can change that soon??
image from Pinterest. I couldn't find the original link... but a comment said the dress was from Target!
I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk. Happy Friday!

Picnic in the park


I called Tyler on the way home from work to see if I could pick anything up for dinner, and he replied 'get something cold!' I picked up some buns, ham, and coleslaw and thought - let's have a picnic! So I hunted around for our picnic basket (bag) and loaded it up with iced tea, chips, and ham sandwiches. It was no surprise that the Littlest loved it, and it was a lot more fun than a typical dinner inside around the table.

There are some great outdoor events coming up like Ballet in the Park and outdoor Jazz concerts, and I think it would be a great date night to pack a picnic and a bottle of wine. Our picnic bag came equipped with 2 plastic wine glasses and a corkscrew, so I need to put it to use! Wine on the beach would be pretty good too:)

June equals summer!


I think that summer has officially arrived, considering that the temperatures are supposed to hit 30 almost every day this week. It's fun letting Soren run around in just a diaper and t-shirt. I love going to work in the morning and not having to grab a jacket, although I hate that office buildings (and the bus) are always freezing! I was at a seminar today and while the A/C was definitely on in full force, so too was the heat! It seems so inefficient when you could just open some windows.

Speaking of weather, we were preparing for a full day of rain this past Sunday for the Littlest's birthday. We were expecting about 25 people, and since our house has no air conditioning we were thinking it could get very muggy and cramped without having the backyard space to spill out on to. Luckily - the rain held off! We spent a lot of time on the deck under a wonderful new umbrella that we just got. It's amazing how much it helps in the direct sun. Even today, we were sitting outside around 6pm and it would have been unbearable without the shade from the umbrella.

I'm off to meet a few friends for a glass of wine and we may eat the last of the Birthday Cake. I made a 3 layer rainbow cake with buttercream icing. It was delicious, and the Littlest couldn't believe his luck when we put down his own little mini-cake if front of him. He was shaking his head 'no', as he ate it. Probably thinking someone (like his mean mama) was going to take it away from him at any second!
Soren was so excited to wake up from his nap and see all of the decorations. My favourite was the paper mobiles I made after seeing them on here on The Marion House Book. I think her pictures looked better than mine:)
After looking at a few 'One' t-shirts on Etsy, I decided to make my own and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. My sister-in-law asked if I was going to turn it into a yearly tradition, which I hadn't thought of, but it's not a bad idea. She was laughing saying how funny it would be to see him at age 34 with his 'Thirty Four' hand-made t-shirt...
 First birthday = First real sport jersey, curtesy of his uncle Ru! I'm sure it is the first of many!