Spring Cookies


I made some delicious sugar cookies yesterday and let the Littlest Linden try one. (I did scape off most of his icing... if that makes it better!) My favourite/easiest sugar cookie recipe I found on Karen's Cookies. I use the Basic Rolled Sugar Cookie recipe and find the dough is easy to work with and rolls well. Some other sugar cookies can be lighter or fluffier tasting, but they are extremely difficult to work with. It's so frustrating to have the cookies break when you are trying to ice them... I'm happy to sacrifice a little bit of taste if it means the cookies with hold up better and end up looking better!

Last night my parents came over to watch the Littlest, and Tyler and I enjoyed a Friday night out. We met friends for dinner and had a really nice evening filled with wine, beer, calamari and steak! It's funny how going out for dinner used to be something we did with out thinking twice, and now it's turned into quite a production. It kind of makes it more special, and something I will not take for granted.

The cookie making put me into a baking mood, which I am pretty much always in, and I'm just finishing up some Spring Cupcakes! The sun is trying to peak out from behind the clouds, and I think it is going to be a wonderful week-end.

Rainy Day


It is absolutely pouring out today... but luckily I have the PERFECT rain boots to brave such weather!

These fabulous pink rain boots are from Ilse Jacobsen, which is a Danish based company. I got them in an upscale pet shop in Vancouver a few years back. At the time, I thought it was crazy to spend so much money on rain boots (even though it was actually my mother-in-law's money!) While we do not get a ton of rainy days here in Winnipeg, these boots have saved my feet on many days!!

We just got back from play group, and the Littlest Linden is down for a nap. The playgroup we go to on Thursday afternoons is for babies under 1 year, and it's put on by the public health nurse. Each week there is a different guest speaker on topics such as 'Feeding your baby solids', or 'Getting back into shape'. After the guided discussion all the moms and babies can stay and chat, play, and eat some healthy snacks.

It's a fun Thursday outing, and I have met some really great moms and babies in the 7 or 8 months that we've been going. Now that Soren and his little friends are in the 'Big Kid' group (since the cut-off is one year) it's amazing to see how TINY the newborns are! I remember bring him back in October, and thinking that the older babies seemed so big! While I knew he would grow up, it was almost impossible for me to imagine him sitting up, standing, interacting with other babies, etc. He would sit/lie in my arms and I would chat to other moms. Now I am tearing around the room after him, making sure he doesn't accidentally fall on one of the newborns or put someone's shoe in his mouth.

I'm enjoying the coziness of the rain and it's motivating me to do some house chores, such as cleaning out the fridge and updating Soren's baby book. I'm going to make chicken enchiladas for dinner - which is strangely enough the Littlest's favourite food. I'm also making some sugar cookies that I'm going to cut out and decorate for Easter. I plan on getting the babe to help, but since I anticipate he'll be more trouble than help, I am going to wait for my husband to come home before I break out the food colouring. I need an extra pair of hands in case he suddenly grabs for a bowl of icing!

Where was I a year ago?


I was reading a really cute blog, The Magnolia Pair and Britt is doing a Link Up for a series of posts about where you were a year ago. An awful lot has changed for me in one year! Last March I was almost 8 months pregnant, and I obviously looked a little bit different!
I was so, so, so excited to meet the little creature growing inside of me. We didn't find out the gender, so it was a continual guessing game of Boy or Girl. I think I leaned towards Girl for most of the pregnancy, or at least until my labour began. It was such a terrible labour that all of the nurses swore he would be a boy. They claimed boys always make labour extra difficult for their mamas! (I'm sure there are a TON of moms of girls out there who would swear by the opposite...)

The experience of being pregnant was fine, although I didn't LOVE being pregnant the way some women do. It was definitely cool to feel the little guy squirm and kick around, but I think the best part about pregnancy was the anticipation. I was constantly thinking about how it would feel to hold the baby, kiss the baby, play with him, nurse him, etc. It was like waiting for a million christmas's all rolled into one. It's even more fun once you look visibly pregnant, because then it's the first thing people talk about! It's amazing how many strangers will get visibly THRILLED for you when they see that you are pregnant. The world suddenly seems to smile a lot more, from the grocery store clerk to the mailman.

At this time last year I was folding and re-folding all of the little onesies and blankets that I had acquired. I was busy hanging artwork on the nursery walls, setting up the crib, and reading every pregnancy book I could get my hands on. We were finishing up with our labour-prep classes, and we'd purchased some of our big ticket items like the stroller and the carseat. One year ago I was so excited to see what the next few months would bring, and I must say that it just keeps getting better!!

I don't think his little clothes have EVER been folded this neatly since he's been born!!

Afternoon Birthday Party


We attended our first baby birthday party today! One of Soren's little friends (our friends too!) was turning one, so we headed over for an afternoon of fun and food. I get to see Soren interact with other kids often, when we go to our various playgroups, but Tyler doesn't see it as much. It was fun for him to see Soren in a room full of kids and new toys. 

I can't believe Soren will be turning one in a few short months! I want to start brainstorming on some party ideas (pinterest has lots of great boards to browse on the subject of First Birthdays).The party today was held in a community club which I think is a fabulous idea. There was lots of room for the kids to run around and play, and best of all you don't have to worry about getting your house cleaned and organized to host a bunch of people. Our house isn't huge, which is fine for having dinner parties or small playgroups, but it would be tough to squeeze in a bunch of rowdy toddlers and their parents. I think I will look into renting a similar space for Soren's upcoming birthday. 

He loved the Hula Hoop!

 He was obsessed with all the food, but especially the cupcakes! I'm not sure why, as he's never had one before, but he crawled over to the dessert table and tried his hardest to grab one. Sadly for him, we didn't give him one. I managed to sneak in a couple and I think I saw Tyler downing some behind Sorens back... sorry buddy! One day you will get to experience the enjoyment of a cupcake!!

It's Friday!


I'm linking up with Lauren again for High Five Friday!
I can't believe a whole week has gone by. Here are some highlights from the week.

1. It's 8:30pm and my lovely husband asks me to make cookies for his potluck at work. Tomorrow. Luckily, I love to bake and happen to have the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe

2. My friend got a Great Dane puppy and she is the cutest thing EVER! It's crazy to think this little puppy will soon be 160 pounds!

3. No words are needed for this picture!! I love that it looks like the baby is sitting on a chair.

4. This looks amazing - Outstanding in the Field
I would love to go to the one in Pemberton, BC, or perhaps drive down to the one in Minnesota. Any of the locations in California would be gorgeous, I'm sure.

5. How cute are these onsies? I would love to get the Littlest Linden one of these for summer.
image from The GreenGoat

Mr. Tuxedo


It's not the best picture... but soo funny of the Littlest Linden in a tuxedo shirt! We never have pictures of the three of us, so I'll be happy a slightly blurry one. This was at the Bar Mitzvah we attended a couple weeks back. The initials were a cute touch, and I wonder what he'll do with them in the future. I have been thinking about getting some wood block letters to hang on the wall in Soren's room, and ones like this would be fabulous on a slightly smaller scale. 

Rocking Chair Re-Vamp


So, after numerous failed attempts at sewing one single cushion, I finally completed one that I liked well enough. I think I had more success with painting, at least compared to sewing. I was given this rocking chair a couple months back, and while I really liked the vibrant red, it didn't go with anything in my house. Also, the cushions were worn and I wasn't a big fan of the cushion tied to the back.
So I dragged out my paint brush, sanded down the red, and gave the chair a couple coats of white paint. 
Much better? I think so! 

I haven't decided if it's going to live in the playroom or the nursery, but either way I think it will get lots of rocking use. I'm looking forward to lots of cuddles and story-time!
The fabric was re-used from an old duvet cover.

Sick Baby


Old picture - I think he's about 2 months here

The poor little guy is sick today. We enjoyed a beautiful walk in the park this morning, where we met up with a couple of other little ones. The weather is absolutely amazing, and it feels more like June than March. We even had a thunderstorm tonight - which is definitely a summer thing!

A few hours ago Soren started to get sick, and he's been laying pretty low ever since. While it is scary to look after a sick baby, it's also kind of nice to get the extra cuddles. Normally he will not sit still in our laps for more than a few seconds at a time, and tonight he was content to sit with us for a couple hours. I hope the bug is short lived, and he's back to his old self in the morning.

Sew it yourself!


image from pinterest
I like sewing...in theory. I have been trying to spruce up an old rocking chair, and I wanted to redo the two little cushions on it. I dragged up my old sewing machine, which is actually just on loan to me from my mom, and tried to get started. Once I got everything threaded and cut and pinned and all that, I started to sew and did well for about 30 seconds. Then,  the thread ran out. After a good 20 minutes (I am NOT an experienced sewer) I was ready to go again - fully threaded. But of course the needle jammed, then jammed again, and again... and I felt the need to take a break. While on my break I proceeded to eat half a bag of Ariba chips and half a bag of fruit gummies. Yuck. With a sugar-full belly, I tried my luck again. Things went quite well until I realized that I had cut the pieces way too small. Pillow cover #1 in the garbage, or actually to the Littlest Linden's toy pile.

After a couple hours I decided to start again, only to sew the cover and realize I had not turned the fabric inside out. What was I thinking?? Who wants an inside-out pillow cover? Cover #2 got tossed into the toy pile. After struggling through pillow case #3, I am stumped. I don't know how I am going to sew the cover closed. I have made pillow covers in the past where you slip the pillow inside, without having to do a final sew shut. These won't work like this, because of how thin the cushion is. Sigh.

I'm off to search for some sewing tutorials...

It's Friday!


The week had flown by, and I can't believe the weekend is here already! I'm attempting my first 'Link Up' with Lauren for High Five for Friday. Here are some things I am loving this week:

1 - Beautiful fabrics from Amy Butler Design have me inspired to sew some new pillow covers. I'm hoping to go shopping this week-end!
2 - Cupcakes! I think it's been too long since my last cupcake treat...
image from pinterest

3 - Paint! I am trying to refinish some existing pieces, which is a bit of an adventure since I haven't done much furniture painting before. I love this colour of yellow. 
image from Martha Stewart

4 - Baby Playgroups!! What could be better than a room full of babies?

5 - New Toys! At the playgroup, Soren watched some of the other kids push toys around. I didn't know he was big enough to do this, but when we got home we opened up this cute little car and he took his first steps!

Spring Flowers


image from here

These flowers are beautiful - I love that they are all different heights and they look so lovely in the various glass containers. I also really like the little side table, which reminds me I have some painting to do. It is finally warm enough to go outside, so I think I will tackle one of the items on my To-Do list.

I didn't do a 'Tasty Tuesday' post yesterday, and I'm not sure if I will do them any more. I like posting recipes, but I don't really like feeling like I have to put one up every Tuesday. I created this blog as an online journal and visual reminder of my days at home with Soren. I don't really want it to be scheduled, in any way. Who knows though, something else might strike my fancy and I may try to do another weekly post at some point. For now, I will continue to post whatever inspires me that day!

Today, I am enjoying every minute with the Littlest Linden. My first couple days back at the office were great, and working one day per week is going really well. I missed him yesterday though, and thought about him a lot throughout the day. This morning we slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast, played for a while, and now he's taking his morning nap. I want to tidy up, make a grocery list, and pull out my painting stuff from the basement. Hopefully later today we can go to the park, and I can start on some painting during his afternoon nap or when Tyler comes home. Happy Wednesday!
image from here
Again, I like these flowers but the table looks AMAZING! I would love to see what the whole thing looks like...

Happy 9 Months!


Soren turned 9 months today... hard to believe. After swimming the little dude was OBSESSED with eating banana bread, and he was making some pretty funny faces.

Week-end Wrap Up


We had a really nice, event-filled week-end. It was my cousin's Bar Mitzvah, so we attended synagogue on Friday night followed by a lovely dinner. My cousin did a GREAT job leading the hymns and sang beautifully. Soren loved synagogue! He really enjoyed watching all of the people singing, and there were lots of people interested in him which he always likes. We were really lucky to be able to enjoy the dinner, as it started around 8pm which is past him bedtime, normally. We were shocked that he fell asleep in his carseat, which we then tucked in under the dinner table. Now, if only we had thought of this trick months ago!!

Here is Soren at the synagogue on Saturday morning, in his little Kippah.
 The party continued on Saturday night at the Canadian Aviation Museum. I didn't bring my camera, but the party was fabulous with great DJ's, decor, food, and AMAZING desserts!! We ate a lot, danced, took some pictures with funny props, and had a great time. The best part? Soren fell asleep in his car seat AGAIN, allowing us to stay well into the early morning. (Not quite so fun this morning, with losing an hour of sleep.)
 Not a great photo, but it's Soren asleep in his carseat, in the middle of a night-clubish atmosphere. Someone added some florescent lights to his seat to make him a little more festive!
Today I opened up my purse to discover 3 HUGE bags of candy I had taken from the candy bar. I made two trips, and convinced Tyler to come with me once and fill up a bag for himself (me). Look at all those goodies!
Spring seems to have sprung, and Tyler was busy planting seeds. I also took some cute pictures of Soren at the park this afternoon - (Without Jackets!!!) but somehow I lost them all on instagram. I'm not sure how I feel about instagram yet...
Here are a few other's from the week-end. Soren got into the pantry and spilled sprinkles everywhere. He was in heaven!
 Here he is in his Grandma's studio, chatting with Hudson the Bear.
 His favourite toy at his grandparents, a talking radio/cell phone.
 Me, getting ready for dinner on Friday night.
And last but not least, I just pulled out a loaf of banana bread from the oven! I love having fresh baking to start the week with.



Currently, Winnipeg does not have an Ikea. (But there is one under construction - scheduled to open late this year!!) The closest one is in Minneapolis, which is about a 7-hour drive from here. Not exactly a Saturday afternoon trip. I love Ikea for household staples like white picture frames, candles, and tea towels to name a few. Where else can you get a giant pack of tea lights for $2?
My favourite tea towels
Sometimes, Ikea has great finds that I have incorporated into my house, such as accent pillows, side tables, and much more. I've seen some great 'Ikea Hacks' on blogs lately, like this great night table from a wonderful blog - Take the Side Street.

Look at the 'Before'!
I think my favourite items in Ikea are their kitchens. They make beautiful cabinetry, in a wide range of designs and finishes. All below images are from House and Home. I think it would be so much fun to get to design your own dream kitchen! Maybe one day... in a VERY distant future!!

The Paris Wife


I just finished reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, and I loved it. The 1920's seems like such a glamourous period in history, especially Paris. I thought the book painted a beautiful and tragic love story between two people who couldn't make their marriage last, despite being madly in love with one another.

1920's fashion seems to be peeking through in a lot of places these days. From frilly blouses, to lots of beading, to mid-calf length skirts, it's all very vintage inspired. I love this image of a page from McCalls magazine in 1920.

from Pinterest
These images are from Ralph Lauren's Spring 2012 collection.
from Style.com
from Style.com
I love the muted yellow colour of this dress, and the beading is absolutely gorgeous.
from Asos.com
Ruche has a lot of great dresses, which are much more affordable that the runway looks. I like the look of the paler pastels, but I'm also drawn to bright spring colours like the coral/red dress below.