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I'm finding the Christmas spirit a little harder to find this year. The tragedy in Connecticut is so terrible, so gut-renching, so incomprehensible... it's hard to bake cookies and put on a smile. When I'm getting Soren dressed in the morning, or packing his little bag, I keep thinking of those parents who did the very same thing last Friday.

I am behind on Christmas cards, on decorating, and on purchasing gifts. But I'm not all that motivated to get started on it. I am thankful that my family is all safe and healthy, and I will be spending time with almost all of them in the coming week. I want to focus more on building relationships, rather than selecting the perfect gift. I am most looking forward to spending a full 11 days away from the office, with my little guy. I'm looking forward to winter walks, leisurely breakfasts, and lots of cuddles.


Katie said...

I am with you on all those things! I think realizing that relationships and family are so much more important than gifts and decorations is an important lesson that I hope we dont' forget!

Kristina said...

Happy Holidays! Following from Thee Networking Blog Hop. Please stop by my blog & follow if you haven't already. :)