Night Skating


A few nights ago we met up with my family to go skating. It was a beautiful night - just a little chilly.The twinkling lights were so pretty, and there was a faint dusting of snow falling. We laced up our old skates (at least mine are very old) and took a few laps around the Duck Pond. The Littlest was somewhat interested in watching, but his highlight was once again a box of raisins. The kid is easy to please!!

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Julie said...

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, snuggly photos! It looks freezing cold! Happy New Year to you :-)

Holly McDonald said...

Looks like fun.. one of my to-dos for this winter is to take my little bear (3 yrs) skating for the first time!

I'm a new follower from the hop, I can's wait to read more from you!


Rea said...

wow, skating! i once tried skating, never learned how to do it...i fell, and fell and fell... :( i just love to see people ice skating, seems so easy, just amazes me...

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la petite lulu said...

Ohhhh that looks like SO much fun! I love skating outdoors. Just wish it was cold enough here for it!!!