International Beer Fest


A few weeks ago Tyler and I went to a wine tasting with a few other couples. After many glasses of wine, we got to thinking that we should have a beer tasting party! So we threw country names in a hat, each picked one, and decided on a date for the party. Each person would bring four different beers from their chosen country, and each couple would also bring a food dish from one, or both, of their countries.

We picked Spain (yay! my favourite country after I spent a semester in Barcelona!) and 'Asia'. Yes, I know that Asia is not a country. Somehow we ended up needing one more country, and couldn't quite decide on one Asian country. Embarrassing. Anyways, my darling husband selected eight different beers for us at the local beer store, and I was on the hook for the food.

At the last minute I decided on baked brie with dates and chorizo, cheese straws (which are totally not Spanish or Asian), and pain con tomate, which is one of my favourite appetizers. It's super easy - toasted baguettes with tomato and garlic rubbed on, drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. We had a great evening, and it would be a great theme to tweak or perhaps re-create with wine or desserts. Ohh - a country themed dessert party sounds amazing!!

Our friends house was beautifully decorated, and I loved the idea of hanging Christmas ornaments from the chandelier. Jets cookies? So adorable. And what party is complete without a good board-game!


Valentina Coco said...

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Valentina Coco said...
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Tarabelle said...

What a great idea! Such a fun adult party! I may steal this and throw a beer party of my own!


la petite lulu said...

What a great idea, I love beer - a beer tasting party would be right up my alley! I had to laugh when I saw the Lowenbrau beer, it brought back memories (what did you think of it?), it is a veryyyyyyyyy popular beer in Switzerland (we spent a couple of months living there). The baked brie with chorizo looks delicious!

Martha Rule said...

Love this - currently pregnant but can't wait to throw a beer tasting next fall :)