A mouse


I love my dogs, I like animals in their natural habitats, and I like animals in the zoo. I HATE mice, and the idea of one in my house sends shivers down my spine. Today when I came home from work, Tyler started asking me if I thought I'd seen any mice in our house. NO, I most definitely had not! He would have heard about it, in the form of me shrieking. So you can probably imagine what happened next...

I took Soren upstairs to change his diaper, already on edge a bit thinking about the mouse thing. As I'm changing him I see a flash out of the corner of my eye, turn my head, and see the tiny little thing I was dreading the most in the world... a MOUSE. In my baby's bedroom!!! I started screaming, and crying, and scooped up a now crying Soren as Tyler came running into the room.

We have mice. I have not seen any droppings, but they can't be far behind. I saw a mouse, and I think I heard one squeaking too. The exterminator doesn't open until 8am... so it's gonna be a long night. I wish one of these eagles could swoop in an take care of the problem, and then fly away.

Tyler got these shots a few weeks ago while he was at the dog park, and I think they're beautiful. Linking up with high five for friday, although I've got no five faves today. I'm thankful for my healthy little family of three, and the ability to call in backup when an unwanted guest has invaded our home:)


la petite lulu said...

Eeeeeek! I'm squirming just reading that. I hate mice too :( I grew up with horses and the mice used to find their way into the feed bins and jump out in my face when I opened it up (used to freak me out).

The eagle shots are spectacular - love the last one!

Ashlea with an a said...

Oh my gosh!!! I wouldn't be able to sleep! Unfortunately I've been in the same position as you before! Good luck!