Mondays are always a little hard because I have to leave the Littlest all day and trade in my 'mom' hat for my 'working' hat. I feel like every week it gets a big tougher to go back to the office and leave the little one behind. He loves his daycare, I like my job, and I need to work, but it's still tough to get him up at 7:30 and drop him off by 8am, five days a week.

We have SO much fun together on the weekends! He is turning into such a fun, entertaining little boy. His vocabulary is expanding by the day, and his sense of humour is developing along with his growing sense of independence.

On Saturday mornings we have continued our tradition of going to The Crusty Bun, which is such a happy, light-filled bakery. People always seem to be in a good mood there, and we've struck up conversations with quite a few visitors. The Littlest often initiates conversations with strangers by giving them a little wave, perhaps a hi, or running right into them!


Katie said...

Mondays are hard! and I can't imagine adding in that too! that last picture is so cute!

dear olive said...

He's so cute. Being a working parent is so complicated! Sigh. Kellie xx

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Who could easily say bye to those big brown eyes! He is so handsome :)

-Kelsey @ Time Stand Still