Living in the Arctic


We don't live in the arctic, but looking at these pictures you might not be so sure. My lovely husband took the dogs to the dog park yesterday and managed to snap these photos of them. Since we've had a baby we tend to ignore the dogs. Sad, but oh so true. It seems like another lifetime when we would schedule our weekends around trips to the dog park, walks, and even doggy daycare. I'm glad I was toasty warm inside while they were braving the elements!


Danavee said...

I love your pups!!!! So cute!!

And I might be a little jealous of that snow!

Unknown said...

Oh my word that looks cold. Although, somehow I still think I would love to live in the cold... someday.

Aloha Sweet Friend,

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Jane said...

Beautiful pics! Dogs are adorable! My dog would love to run leash-free in the crisp cold air!

Kelly said...

It does look like the great north! Stay warm!