Hello Friday!


I am gearing up for a long weekend indoors, as there is a snowstorm predicted to hit later today! I'm actually very excited about this... I'm looking forward to hot chocolates and playing in the snow with the Littlest. We are also celebrating a long weekend, as Remembrance Day falls on a sunday this year. One extra day with my best little helper is always welcomed.

This week I've started to get inspired to do some crafting. I'm still brainstorming for my Advent Calendar project, but I'm coming up with some great ideas (thanks Pinterest!). I've had an 'S' that I planned to wrap with yarn forever... and last night I finally sat down and completed it. It may get hung on a wall eventually, but for now the S is keeping that little leather dog company.

 Craft #two is the felt hearts I posted a while back, and I hope to get these completed soon. 

Excellent news!! We received the Ikea catalogue in the mailbox today, along with a flyer announcing its opening in a mere three weeks! And it's only a ten minute drive from our house...
I dragged out the skirt a couple weeks ago, and I honestly think it may be the oldest thing in my wardrobe. It's at least ten years old, but a brown corduroy skirt is perfect for this kind of fall weather.

Finally, from me and the Littlest - Cheers to a good week-end! (He loves cheers-ing anything, from toast at breakfast to pieces of an apple, and or course real drinks!)

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Tarabelle said...

Wow that is the most adorable cheers i have ever seen.



Allison said...

I was just at IKEA last night. We have one 5 minutes away and it is amazing and dangerous at the same time. Haha. And that cheers picture? Too cute!!

anna lizbeth said...

love the "S" and the last picture. so cute! xo annalizbeth