Happy Friday.


This week has flown by, and I'm looking forward to a full weekend ahead, starting with wine tasting tonight. We are joining three other couples to sample wines from Spain - my favourite region! I'm a little biased because I spent a semester in Barcelona when I was 21.

A few of my favourite moments from the week.
ONE. snow, snow, and more snow.

TWO. Trading in six of my mac makeup recyclables for a brand new eyeshadow!
 THREE. my favourite little baker! Followed by eating my favourite cinnamon buns:)
 FOUR. Bathing babe is now 17 months (how did that happen???)
FIVE. I'm not usually a fan of Starbucks seasonal drinks (too sweet - I'll take an Americano please!), but I headed out for a peppermint mocha yesterday and it was delicious. I'm afraid I'm in trouble...
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SEL said...

I've never had a red cup from starbucks. Shocking, since I go weekly. But I heard about the peppermint mocha the other day and want to try it. And now that you're saying it's good, I think I'll be dragging the husband there tomorrow. ;)

Your little guy is adorable! I love when my daughter helps me bake. It's the little moments.


Amanda said...

Oh my word. Soren is getting SO big and is such a doll! What fun in the snow. :) We haven't had any yet, but I look forward to playing in it soon. Have a wonderful Friday beautiful mama!

xo, Amanda

Niki Caron said...

WAIT. You can trade in your MAC packaging from stuff you've used to get more cosmetics?!! How did I not know this! On it!

Becca said...

What a beautiful post! So many lovely snapshots here of a week around home. I need to do this more!

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