Toddler activities


Lately I've been trying to incorporate some new activities into Soren's routine. I keep underestimating him - and he's capable of doing a lot more than I give him credit for for. He's trying to talk all of the time, and he watches every single thing we do and tries his best to copy us.

On Saturday afternoon I baked some fall cookies, and as I was decorating them Soren woke up from his nap. I put him in his highchair, and he studied me for quite some time to figure out what it was that I was doing. After a while I handed him a cookie and a spoon and let him get to work! We had a great time, and after the cookie decorating we had a fun Saturday afternoon bath:)

I've tried a lot of different sugar cookie recipes, and my favourite is the basic sugar cookie recipe from Karen's It's super simple and the cookies roll out well - something that sometimes is tough to do. Once baked, the cookies have a perfect consistency and are not too fragile, which is very important when a one-year old is helping!


Tarabelle said...

The leaves are so pretty!


Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

Wow ~ Great decorating skills on your cookies!

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