The 16 Month Old


Happy Birthday little guy! 16 months already, huh? Are you trying to grow out of this baby stage or something?! This High Five for Friday is all about you. Happy Friday.

You are very entertaining to your mom and dad. Between getting home from work and putting you in bed, you keep us in hysterics with your crazy antics. You never stop moving and if you do something really great (like climbing up onto the arm of the couch) you want a round of applause. You start it off, and then look for us to keep clapping and yelling 'Good for you!!'. You like to play with everything and generally have a happy disposition. We tried on your snowsuit tonight which you found hilarious... but I bet you'll hate when we have to start wearing it daily.

You talk all the time. Your tiny voice is just about the cutest thing I have ever heard. You 'whisper' things to me which completely melts my heart. Your vocabulary this month includes: up, yes, buh-bye, hello, book, ball, dada, please, thank-you... but this is a limited list as you are pretty good at repeating lots of different things.

 Still a great sleeper! 7:30 - 7:30, plus a 2-3 hour nap sometime around noon. Last night you were sooo tired after playing at your Grandma's, so I rocked you to sleep. (I kind of wanted to see if I could still do it... and I'm happy to say you fell asleep pretty quickly. My back is not used to the cradling and rocking, though! I think you weighed a little less the last time I did that.)

You love to give hugs. Our daycare lady is trying to teach you to be gentle, as you sometimes tackle the other babies with running hugs/tackles. 

You're pretty smart:) You remember events that happen, and love to relay them in your own special language. If something is moved in the house, like a waste-paper basket, you point and start asking 'Why is that moved, mama? I see that it's been moved. Why did you do that? Let me go move it back.' Or at least that was my interpretation of the story:)

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