Growing up with dogs


We were never worried about bringing home a baby with two dogs at home, but I think the dogs and baby took to each other better than we ever could have imagined. Apart from Kya growling at my belly one time (when Soren kicked her from inside!), she has welcomed this little person into our lives without a second thought.

For the first few months they kept their distance, and I think these series of photos - from exactly one year ago - were one of the first times real interactions happened. Ever since Soren started eating 'real' food? Well, the pups have a new best friend. They are beside his highchair in a flash, hopping and jumping in the hopes of getting something tossed to them.

On the many days when I question my sanity for having TWO dogs and a baby... I hope that Soren will appreciate growing up with pets. I'm also crossing my fingers that he won't have any allergies (none so far) and apparently pets can help reduce some allergies from developing. And what can be cuter than a little boy and his dog(s)??!


aimymichelle said...

its funny how dogs get that way with their owners babies. its sweet.

Tarabelle said...

I swear somehow dogs just "know" when a baby arrives. They become protectors.


SEL said...

I have two dogs as well and had no clue about what was in my belly. When my daugther was born, both dogs would come over, like the baby, and walk away. Now, they both hang out with her, let her climb all over them, jump on them, pull their tails, etc. My daughter loves on them SO MUCH, and they just take it. ;) Dogs are seriously the best pets ever, and are so so so good for kids. It's a lot of work, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Katie said...

so cute!! babies and dogs are adorable - especially when they get to grow up together!

Kandice Breinholt said...

i love that this is the post i have to read upon first seeing your blog. we're currently looking around for a family dog and, though our babe is quite good with the dogs she knows, i've been wondering how she'll handle living with and being around one all day long, every day.

these photos are so precious. but really, every time i see photos with dogs and babies, they're usually precious. i don't think i will have a thing to worry about. it's as though the dogs are looking after the little one :) i love the dynamic.

your sweet soren is the cutest little man ;)