Alone time.


My husband will say that I don't like to be alone... but I don't quite agree. While I am definitely more of a people person, I do enjoy evenings to myself where I can do exactly what I want, by myself. Some of my favourite things to do? Drink a glass of red wine, flip through a home decor magazine, and watch bad TV shows (think Dateline or 20/20).

For years, probably the majority of them between age 12 and 16, I found myself baby-sitting on Saturday nights. It was so nice to have a house to myself after all the kiddos went to bed. I would tidy up a little, raid their snack cupboard, and curl up on the couch. This was pre-cell phone days, so I would be totally out of the loop by the time I got home at the end of the night. Even though I was young, I dreamed of living in my own home one day with my own babies sleeping upstairs. I could even have my own, fully stocked snack cupboard!

As I grew up I baby-sat less on Saturday nights as dates and parties took over. For a number of years I found myself surrounded by people ALL of the time. School, room-mates, boyfriends, and a constant social life meant that I was almost never alone. Having a baby changed that. Once again, I find myself home on a Saturday night, or any night for that matter. After  the baby goes to bed at 7:30, there's often not a pressing need for me to leave the house. So I sit, pour my self a glass of red wine, and consider myself amazingly lucky to have my very own baby sleeping upstairs.

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What a sweet post. I love it!