All baked out and ready to play outside


In the last 48 hours I've baked muffins, cookies, cheese buns, and brownies! Perhaps this is why I am feeling so fat?! I'm sure I've eaten way too much butter and chocolate in the name of tasting. Baking is something I enjoy doing at any time of the year, but in fall it feels extra special. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, but at least we've got lots of goodies to eat!

Speaking of special, the dude is a special guy these days. Some moments he is amazing, and some moments he is throwing himself on the floor in true toddler tantrum style. It's tough to pinpoint when these tantrums are going to occur... it seems to be pretty much a guessing game. Sometimes raisins are the best treat in the entire world, but the next day he's throwing them across the floor in a rage.

He was really fun when this picture was taken:) He was having a blast exploring a windy field in the country, and rain drops were threatening to fall from the sky. He was having so much fun experiencing new feelings - the wind on his face, long grass against his legs, raindrops falling on his head. I was reminded how important it is to let kids have free play outside when I read this post today on A cup of Jo.

Isn't it crazy that Scandinavian parents leave their babies outside restaurants and shops while they go in?? My brother told me about this strange tradition when he came back from Iceland a few years back. If it were safe and socially acceptable, I think I would try it!

images via from A cup of Jo

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Camille said...

I think all toddlers have crazy mood swings!

My grandma told me that she used to leave her babies outside a store when she went in. Apparently a lot of mothers did that then. And this was in America.