A scary halloween


It was all a little scary for the Littlest 16-month old. He was not too sure of all the kiddos coming to the door dressed up with masks and costumes... We went to two houses - our neighbours - and he liked that people greeted him at the door with a bowl of candy. We turned off the lights once the kids started to get taller than me, around 8:15, and our grand total was 87 trick or treaters! Happy Halloween!


Hailey said...

aw poor kiddo!!!!!

Katy said...

Oh how I love babies at Halloween! I think my daughter was completely confused about the whole trick-or-treating thing!

amy rene said...

87 kiddos?? we got exactly...none. guess I'll have to eat the candy myself. oh, darn.

Dressing Ivana said...

what a lovely lion!!!

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