A musical dilemma


On Sunday afternoon Soren and I went to our first music class. There were seven babies in the class, plus their parents. Unfortunately, the class was a little tough on Soren. At first I thought it was just too structured for him, but when the other six babies were able to follow along and take turns, I began to think the problem may just be Soren.

We had to sit in a circle and the instructor sang the whole time (and she had a lovely singing voice). After and introduction song, she brought out a box of shakers for the babies to shake. She went up to each baby and asked them to select two. Well, Soren was too impatient and began crying before it was his turn. Once he had the shakers, he was great... until it was time to put them back in the box. He surprised me by being ok with putting them away, so ok that he ran over to the teacher to give her his. However, she gave them back to him and told him he would have to 'wait his turn'.

The next activity was scarves. Again, the teacher brought the box around the group and had each baby select a scarf one at a time. Again, Soren didn't want to wait. He loved playing with the scarves, so much so that he had NO interest in giving it back once the song was over. He shook his head no, and eventually I had to pry the scarf from his fingers.

Well, that was pretty much it for him. Luckily, the scarves and shakers were put away on very low shelves that he could easily help himself to. Every time I let go of him, he raced over to the shelves and tried to take a shaker out. The teacher told him no, over and over again, and I would have to bring him back to our spot in the circle (while some kicking and screaming ensued).

I honestly would have thought his behaviour was fine, had it not been for the six other babies - all within 2 months in age to Soren - who acted perfectly throughout the whole class. No one else was interested in getting the boxes of toys down, no one else couldn't wait their turn, and no one else had trouble handing the toy over at the end of the song.

As I left the class I felt a little disappointed. Was the class too structured for a 16-month old? Or does my baby just not listen properly, or wait patiently? Perhaps a bit of both. I'm going to go back next week and see how he does. He did have a lot of fun when he could dance and listen to music, and it's nice to be able to do an activity together with other families. However, I still can't really see why he couldn't have played with the shakers the whole time if he wanted to, or taken more than one scarf. I assume the point of the class is to introduce babies to music, and I would prefer for that to happen in a fun, carefree way where one was free to choose their own toys and dance when they wanted to.

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Tarabelle said...

If I were you I would definitely consider his interest a sign of his intelligence. Those other babies just are not as advanced as him yet. Interest is a sign of a healthy mind. He's ahead of the curve! Keep up the stimulation!