A little costume


I'm busy attempting to make the Littlest's halloween costume, as he has a party to attend on Saturday! Someone asked me today if I had any halloween parties to go to this year, and I realized that while I don't, the Littlest has two! My social life is slowing down while my one-year-olds is ramping up. I guess I should get used to it...

He's going to be a cat - hopefully! My sewing skills are not the best, and I tend to get a little frustrated when the thread jams up or I accidentally sew the front of a shirt closed to the back (which I have done twice). Patience is not really my forte, but I am trying to get better:) I have a back up (store-bought) costume in the closet if this doesn't turn out.

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Tarabelle said...

Good luck! Make sure to post pics!