Road Trip!


By the time this is published I will be on the road to Minneapolis! We are leaving the baby at home with my parents (again) and taking a road trip to attend a friends wedding. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to a weekend away with my husband! I have no ties to this wedding - as in it's not family and neither of us are IN the wedding party - so we get to relax and enjoy it all.

I was looking through my photo archive to dig up something road trip related, and I found tons of great images! To scale it down, I've included some from my FAVOURITE road trip, when we got married!

First though - I found these pictures of an old school bus. School bus trips were so much fun, but also terrible at the same time. I get carsick easily, and the bouncing around does not bring back fond memories.

Some images from our trip our west three years ago. The prairies are LONG and flat... but once your get to the rockies the scenery gets a lot more interesting.

 AWESOME fruit stands on the side of the road in BC.

Not so awesome dingy gas station / motels on the side of the TransCanada. (Don't worry - we did not stay there!!!)
Lastly - This is a picture of the BEST Bloody Mary that I got on a previous road trip to Minneapolis. We stumbled upon this whole in the wall diner that served an unreal brunch. It was actually quite upscale, compared to the outside of the building. This caesar must have had 5 ounces of vodka and 10 different edible garnishes. Sadly - we can't find the location of this diamond in the rough to go back to! 
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Sally said...

I want to love Bloody Marys... but don't yet. That does look beautiful though! (Was it somewhere in or near Mpls?)

Enjoy your trip.

Sarah Grace said...

i agree with the comment above...i wish i could like bloody marys, but i just cant seem to make it work!

happy friday!!

xoxo, sarah grace