On Friday night we checked into our hotel in downtown Minneapolis, and walked a few blocks to the new Twins stadium. It was a beautiful night (if a little cold) and we cheered on the Twins for almost 6 innings before calling it a night. I'd say 6 innings is pretty good for baseball...

As we were walking back to the hotel we were chatting about what a great city Minneapolis is. It was busy, and the streets were filled with couples going to restaurants, families at the baseball game, and people getting ready for a Friday night out. We were about a block from our hotel when I noticed my husband drop back from the group a little. Oblivious, my friend and I kept chatting until we heard some guy behind us trying to offer Tyler drugs. *What??* I turned around, and saw about 3 young guys - thugs - standing just behind me. The one guy was distracting us all by this weird drug pitch, as he pulled 'drugs' from his pockets. In the blink of an eye they had all disappeared, and Tyler told us he thought they took my friends i-phone from her purse. Sure enough, it was gone.

These guys were total professionals. Tyler said that he noticed them trying to pass us, but rather than speed up and go around they just walked right behind us. He knew something weird was happening, and tried to scare the guys by saying 'What did you get?', hoping they would drop the phone and flee. He didn't want a confrontation - since you never know is someone is carrying a knife or a gun.

So scary! The creepiest part is that these guys were probably following us for a couple blocks, and then moved in for the kill. The purse was between my friend and I, so this guy was so close he could stick his hand between us without us even knowing. Ugh. Thankfully we were all ok, and the worst of it the cost of replacing an i-phone. Here are a couple pictures before the evening took a turn for the worst.

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