One of those days


Sunday was 'one of those days'. Soren woke up too early, and then was a little fussy throughout the morning. We went to Fort Whyte, and argued in the car when I gave Soren some cheerios to munch on. I was definitely the one in the wrong, as I learned with the screams that followed once the cheerios were done. 

The real trouble began once we got home, and the Littlest woke up from his nap. He's normally pretty cheerful upon awakening, but today he was screaming, and when I pulled him out of his crib his cheeks looked a little red. Tyler commented that he was looking a little 'off', and then I tried to offer him some milk. He freaked out. Like - screaming, crying, tears streaming down his face, hiccuping, throwing his toys around... We have NEVER seen him like that!! Finally he calmed down enough to drink the milk, but once it was finished and I offered him a muffin the screams started again. He was putting his fingers in his mouth, so we guessed that maybe he has new teeth coming in that are causing him some pain. I gave him baby advil, and he calmed down a bit. 

The rest of the afternoon was touch and go. He was ok... but definitely not his normally happy self. We gave him a second mini-nap around 4:30, and when he woke up he seemed to be back to normal. Still no idea what was wrong, and I sure hope we do not have to see this type of behaviour often! It's so tough when you can't understand what the problem is. I think I'm ready for next week-end!
 Bird watching. And playing with the ever-popular sticks!


Meredith said...

Found you via Monday Mom Musings and I can relate! We have been having a lot of "those days" lately who has turned into the the Queen of Fuss (teething??) Anyway, yes, next weekend can't get here soon enough :)

Naptime Review said...

Stopping by from Jellibean journals. Love for you to return the follow when you can.
julie @ Naptime Review

Jelli said...

What a bummer. I feel so inept when my baby's fussing and I can't figure out the cause. Did you ever figure out if he was teething? Thanks so much for linking up with me this week! It's always great to welcome a new face into the mix. Hope you come by next week too!