Like father like son



This picture rings true to me right now because Soren is learning SO MUCH. He watches every little thing we do, and tries to copy us. He's pretty smart too... he pieces things together that I definitely wouldn't expect. I dressed him in some new 'one and a half' year old clothes today and couldn't believe how old he looked. (even though both the sweater and pants had to be rolled up - he's not actually that big yet!) It's exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time. I hope we are teaching him our best traits, and not our worst. It's easy to notice the cute things he picks up on, but he's picking up on all the raised voices, disagreements, and bad behaviour too. Seeing him learning so much reminds me that I have to strive to be the best person I can be... because I am ALWAYS being watched:)

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Francis said...

They are such little sponges-well their whole childhood really. I totally see my 9 yr old picking up some of my mannerisms already.