The Thursday Blahs


One of my New Year's Resolutions way back when was to work out 3 times per week. This has not been happening as of late, and I'm definitely feeling sluggish. I think I need to PLAN when those 3 work-outs will happen. I found a great yoga class at the YMCA, but unfortunately it's off for the summer. I much prefer going to classes rather than working out on my own, but most of the classes at the Y are at 6 or 6:45 pm. When I only get to see Soren from 5ish till 7:30, I can't really justify the time away from him. Sigh. Sometimes I really miss the days of being a stay-at-home mom. I miss eating a leisurely breakfast with the Littlest, sipping my coffee while he played, cleaning up a little, and then making a 'big plan' of where to go for our walk.

These mornings are usually pretty rushed, and I don't stop to drink a coffee until I'm at the office. The last few mornings at daycare have been rougher too, since S has started crying as soon as I try and put him down. I know he has fun there... but it's tough walking out of someone else's home while your baby is screaming for you.

This is what our mornings looked like while we were on holidays. The littlest getting into everything he can get his hands on, while we desperately try to grab a few more minutes of sleep.

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Martha said...

That pic is so cute! I have the opposite problem right now...kind of wondering how wise it was to start working at home since so many normal interactions with adults out in the world feel awkward :) I love the time with my kids but miss my co-workers.