The best Bridesmaid gifts


When I got married, (almost 3 years ago!) I didn't have a wedding party. My husband has 4 brothers, and at least 5 best friends. We knew we were having a smallish wedding, and we didn't want it to be overwhelmed by a massive wedding party. In the end, we decided not to choose a wedding party at all, and I think it was the best decision we could have made. We had one of my sisters and one of his brothers sign as our witnesses, and it turned out perfectly.

Since I didn't have bridesmaids, I didn't have to pick out bridesmaids gifts. If I had, I probably would have gone with jewelry as the gift option. At the wedding I was in this past week-end, there were seven bridesmaids. When we woke up at dawn to start getting our hair and make-up done, the bride presented us all with our gifts. They were the cutest robes I've ever seen! I know I will get a lot of use out of the robe, and our getting ready pictures are sure to look adorable. (Unfortunately I forgot the robe at the lake...but I'm sure I'll have it back soon.) I never would have thought up such a unique gift idea, but I'm glad the bride did!!

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Kathleen said...

Those are adorable!