Why play on a play structure when you could play with rocks and pebbles? That is this kids activity of choice! I have to remember to let him explore things on his own. Last night we went to the park, and when I tried to steer him in 'my' direction he flopped down to the ground and screamed. If he wants to play with rocks, who am I to stop him? (Unless he tries to eat them, which thankfully he has pretty much stopped doing.)
Soren is talking up a storm these days, and I can't wait to understand what he's saying! The words we can understand the best are 'ball', 'shoes', 'trees', and 'woof'. It's pretty hilarious when he barks with the dogs.

We've crossed a big line and have given up breast-feeding. We'd cut it down to one feeding per day, in the mornings, and with me being gone for most of last week it just seemed a good time to end it. I struggled with breast-feeding for a good four months, so I am completely surprised to have lasted 14 months. Our morning routine now starts with a little cuddle, and sometimes some Baby Einstein. It's a change, but not necessarily a bad one.


Christi said...

Sounds so much like my little guy! Rocks are one of his favorite things :)

Francis said...

Good for you. Breastfeeding for 14 months is an accomplishment. ;)

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

My son (Lynden) was in love with rocks from 12-18 months. We had piles of them.
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