Happy Weekend


Cheers to a long weekend! I'm looking forward to:
- a beer on a patio tonight
- Cinnamon buns at the Farmer's Market tomorrow
- One last swim at the lake... it's supposed to be over 30 degrees!
- Sleeping in on Monday
- lots of cuddles and kisses with the dude... if he'll let me! His new favourite thing is shaking his head 'no' when I try to kiss him...

Linking up with Lauren!


Kayla Lynn said...

sounds like a lovely weekend :)

F.... said...

Sleeping in on Monday will be FANTASTIC!!! Have a great weekend!!


Nicholl Vincent said...

cinnamon buns-yum!!!

Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello! :)

Melissa Blake said...

Two thumbs up for sleeping in! xoxo

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