One year ago we were in BC showing off our new little baby. He was only two months old, but we felt like he had been with us forever. I remember thinking that I truly could not remember what my life was like before him. Looking back on pictures is a little shocking, because it's hard to imagine all the changes that can happen in a year. I miss feeling hot all the time, from having his little body pressed to mine at all times. Now I'm lucky to hold him for a few minutes when he wakes up in the morning. For those first few months - I could literally count the hours that I was apart from him. (An hour when I went Superstore by myself...two hours visiting some girlfriends... 4 hours when we had to go to a wedding...) It's kind of sad to think that I now spend more time away from him, than with him. I know he has to grow up though, and I'm thrilled to see all of the new skills he learns each and every day. 

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Sunshine Coast last August.

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