August long week-end


I hardly took any pictures this past weekend. I think I'm still mourning our Nikon... taking pictures with a little point and shoot is not the same. Anyway, with or without pictures we had a wonderful weekend! It rained on Friday and Saturday morning, but by Sunday the skies had cleared up and we had lots of swimming, boating, and lounging on the dock.

The Littlest was pretty happy being on a boat this time, although the same could not be true about his feelings for his lifejacket. As soon as he had it on he would lean waaay back, which would make him fall over and he couldn't figure out how to stand up with it on. Poor guy!

I'm happy to report that I gained 4 pounds in 5 days (ugh). Happy hour starts around noon when you are on vacation, and I don't think my body is very happy with me today. I have about 5 loads of laundry to do, and then I need to start packing for New York this weekend!!

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