A changed babe


I returned home from New York late last night... and I cannot believe how much the Littlest has changed in 4 days! He's walking much better, communicating more, and looks so much older. I feel like I left a baby at home, and then came home to a new little boy. One who is C-R-A-Z-Y! After spending 2 hours with him this evening I was exhausted. Luckily, so was he and he went to bed easily.

I'm busy doing laundry and packing to go away for the weekend, sans baby. He'll be spending the weekend with his grandparents (and Uncle!) while we celebrate a friend's marriage out of town. After a summer of extremely hot, dry days, I hope the weather can hold up until Saturday. The wedding is at a lake, and if it's cool and rainy it with put a slight damper on things. Fingers are crossed hoping for sunny skies!

New York was great. I was busy with work, of course, but a lot of my work events were pretty awesome. I got to ride to a Yankees game in a FULLY stocked party bus, and then watch the game from the comfort of a luxury suite. I am not a huge baseball fan, but that stadium is absolutely gorgeous.  We stayed at the Warwick Hotel and I was upgraded to a suite. The room was huge by any standard, but by Manhattan standards it was practically a palace! My favourite part was having space in the bathroom to get ready IN it, rather than at home where I plug my hairdryer in, but have to stand half outside the bathroom if I wish to flip my hair upside down.

I enjoyed a quick stroll through Central Park, checked out a few awesome restaurants, and ate a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. The best part about coming home, other than seeing the baby of course, was walking into a sparkling clean house (curtesy of my wonderful husband!) and a fully stocked fridge. After 4 days of heavy meals - all I wanted was blueberries and yogurt.

a couple of i-phone pics

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