The Rodeo


We took a little trip south today to see a real, live, Rodeo! (When I say South I mean an hour drive, not really South, where I would love to go one day...) It was HOT out and the gravel walkways, petting zoos, barns filled with animals, and corn-dog scents made it seem even hotter. I must say there were some very uh, interesting fashion choices to be made out at the Rodeo!

We went with our friend Alex, who never fails to see the excitement in anything and everything. He had a blast showing Soren the big dairy cows, the horses, and kept his eyes peeled to make sure no one accidentally stepped in manure! Luckily our shoes stayed clean:)

 Terrible self-picture... the dude was happy to have another back seat passenger!

Watching a 'critters' presentation. He LOVED it! There was a man presenting snakes and reptiles, and Soren was absolutely fascinated. 

Watching the rodeo. Notice the woman smoking beside us? I don't think the 'no-smoking in public places' law applied out here... it seemed like every second person was smoking when and where they wanted to.

Not a great picture. More just to prove that we were not all sitting in a GrandStand watching nothing!

p.s. - Updates and pictures coming soon from my 30th Birthday Party, which happened last night. I still have one last day in my twenties, and I intend to make the most of it tomorrow at the Beach!

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