Thank you for screaming in the restaurant!


Wow, was I ever spoiled for my birthday this year! After a fabulous party on Friday night, a day at the Rodeo Saturday, and a day at the beach on Sunday, I couldn't even imagine what my actual birthday (Monday) would bring!

Tyler's alarm went off before mine which was a bit of a tip-off since he's not usually an early riser. By the time I'd showered, dressed, and gotten the dude ready Tyler had already left the house and returned with Starbucks and Croissants! Yum - what a great start to the day.

The great day continued and I met my family at a quaint little Italian restaurant for dinner. Soren's usually pretty good in restaurants, but today decided he would YELL at me as loud as possible. He didn't cry... just yelled and fussed and made terrible faces at me. What was your problem, little guy? After eating about 6 pieces of garlic toast he was a little better... but not by much. Perhaps I've been fooling myself thinking that its 'easy' to take a baby out for dinner? I've been spoiled by his good behaviour for months, and now he's gonna show me what it's like to take a toddler out for dinner!

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Christi said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Taking a toddler out is so much more challenging than I thought it would be. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Happy (late) birthday!! :)