Some ballet... and a bike helmut


On Friday evening we went to Ballet in the Park for my mom's birthday. It was a beautiful night, and thousands of people had the same idea as us and spread out their picnic blankets. We brought some food and snuck in a bottle of wine, and very much enjoyed watching the Royal Winnipeg Ballet perform for free. Winnipeg has been overcome by hockey fever ever since the return of the Jets, which has made it somewhat of a hard year for the Arts. Spending a night outdoors, watching world-renowned professional dancers makes me appreciate this city for more than just hockey! Hopefully we can make it to some theatre or ballet performances this year, along with some hockey games of course.

I had a few minutes of relaxing while he sat on my lap and watched the dancers...

 And then he was on the move!

My dad came to meet us on his bike, and Soren LOVED playing with his bike helmut!
Grandpa's shoes were pretty fun too.


Ariel Tyler said...

Sounds absolutely lovely!

Christi said...

What a fun evening! I especially love the last picture - sunset in the park in summertime is one of my favorite things :)

Martha said...

Enjoyed a free concert with our little guy tonight in the park, it was perfect! Cute pics :)