Soren said his first word! On Sunday morning I was lucky enough to be snuggling with him in bed at our family cottage, and he looked up and saw a key rack on the wall. Very clearly he pointed and said 'Keys'. I couldn't believe it!! I was so excited, but also kept doubting myself that I hadn't quite heard correctly. Well, today when Tyler picked him up from daycare Gail was so excited to tell Tyler about Soren's first word... Keys! He pointed to a set of her keys and clearly stated what they were, without any sort of prompting.

While reading a story tonight he also said 'ball'. His little voice is so, so cute!! It's going to be so much fun to hear all of his new words in weeks to come. We are going to have to remember to watch what we say...


Amanda said...

how exciting! i love hearing little stella say words here and there. it's so neat how much language they are soaking up at this age :)

xo, amanda

How sweet it is said...

How neat! I love hearing new words from little babies!