Hot Dogs


Literally - the dogs are feeling the heat these days! On Sunday morning we walked to Starbucks, which was about a half an hour walk away. We ordered coffee for ourselves, and ordered the pups a large water with no ice. They manage to drink out of a cup surprisingly well!

We spent the weekend at the lake and at the beach, which is starting to feel routine. Tyler and I both had Friday off work, so we headed out to my family's cottage for a quiet day splashing in the water and lying in the sun. Soren has been good with the water, and usually enjoys swimming. However - over the past 3 or 4 days he's becoming really fussy when I try to put him in the water, or even wade in with him. Last night he freaked out in his bath, so tonight I called in reinforcements (Daddy) to help me. He screamed and cried when we first put him in, but managed to calm down and enjoy himself by the end. It's weird though... hopefully just a phase?

After spending six of the past nine days with the Littlest, it was hard to go back to work today. Even harder because I have to work a full five days this week! The next long week-end is 3 weeks away... and the countdown is on!!

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