Hermit Cookies


I had never heard of Hermit Cookies before, but after picking up a copy of Martha's American Food, I decided to give them a try. Normally I like sweeter cookies - like my all time favourite chocolate chip cookies, but these turned out quite well. They look kind of like Biscotti, and they are delicious paired with coffee in the morning.

Soren had his 13-month check up yesterday (which is crazy!) and we found out some interesting results. We saw a new pediatrician since our old one retired at the end of May. The new doctor measured Soren's head circumference, and then proceeded to measure both Tyler and my heads. Apparently we are all big headed! Soren is currently in the 30th percentile for weight, and the 90th percentile for head size! Since Tyler and I are both on the 'big head' end, he's not concerned. We were laughing all the way home.

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Barb said...

Yum, they look delicious! What a cute blog you have. :) I'm your newest member.