Favourites of the Week


Well - since it was my birthday week I guess it should have been a good one! And it was, starting with coffee in bed on Monday morning! Croissants were waiting in the kitchen for me, and fresh flowers were on the table.
I've eaten WAY too many cupcakes this week... I think the total in a 7-day period must be close to 10. Grand total times to the gym? One. I don't think my 45 minute boot camp workout could burn off several thousand calories. Sigh. Next week's got to get better!! I'm in a wedding in 3 weeks, and I need to fit into my bridesmaid dress!
cupcakes from the Lilac Bakery
Speaking of dresses, mine is from J.Crew which is the absolute best place to buy bridesmaid dresses. I have heard horror stories of friends hideous dresses, not to mention the stress of shopping together and agreeing on styles/colour/fit and price. The bride in this wedding simply picked a colour and told us each to buy whatever style of dress we wanted (not long - the only stipulation was that it had to be short). It was the easiest shopping experience ever, and since the seven bridesmaids live in 4 different cities spanning 3 countries it was the only thing that made logistical sense. I can't wait to wear mine at the wedding! My J.Crew magazine arrived in the mail today, and I'm tempted to use my birthday money to buy a new sweater for fall. This one looks cute:
 J.Crew polkadot sweater
 An exciting blog update is that I bought a custom domain! I am now officially www.thelindenlife.com - no .blogspot!

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog. Have a lovely week-end!

And one more pic of the Littlest. It doesn't seem like a complete post without one!

A Euro-Cup doll that Uncle Ru brought back from the Ukraine!


Christi said...

CUTE sweater! And that's so exciting about your domain name :) Have a great weekend!

Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

Hi Erika! So glad to have found you and your blog. Yay for mommy bloggers!

kendra @ little almanac said...

haha, I know what you mean about a post not feeling complete without a photo of the babe :) And I think I would eat 10 cupcakes in a day, so I consider your 10 in a week great self-restraint!