Bags are packed and ready to go!


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I must note that I LOVE vintage luggage!! 

Tomorrow night I'm not coming home after work. Instead, I'll check into a downtown hotel with 2 of my girlfriends. We will go to a yoga class, go to the spa, and have a lovely dinner. In the morning, we'll stuff ourselves full of delicious breakfast and I'll head back to the office!

One of my girlfriends is getting married, and we wanted to do a little 'mini-retreat' before her big day. With our crazy summer schedules we had to pick a week-night rather than a week-end, but I think I'm looking forward to this even more! I'm already anticipating pouring a glass of wine in a fresh and clean hotel room, knowing that no-one has to make dinner or throw in a load of laundry later. It will be an entire evening of rest, relaxation, and good company!

This also marks my very first night away from Soren. Strangely enough, the following night will be my second night away from him! Tomorrow will be a pretty normal night for him, as it would be when I'm out for the evening and Tyler has to put him to bed on his own. Friday morning might be a little strange for him to wake up and not see me, but he has daycare so the routine is pretty familiar to him. I'll re-unite with the Littlest after work, and then we're taking him to his grandparents for his very first sleep-over!

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Amanda said...

what a fun idea! you are going to have so much fun, girl :) and mister soren will be there ready to give you a SUPER big squeeze when you get home.

xo, amanda