Back to Business!


I have a computer again! Yea! The camera still needs to get fixed, but we've made a little progress on that too and have at least made a phone call to inquire about fixing it.

We had a good weekend over here - Farmer's Market, a wedding shower, a few good walks, and a BBQ on Friday night. Unfortunately, I seem to have caught the flu/a cold, and on day 4 of it I am still not feeling great. I almost never get sick, so it's bugging me that I can't get out and do everything that I'd like to. Soren got a whole bunch of vaccines last week, and he's reacted to them by getting a major case of the sniffles. Trying to keep his face snot-free is next to impossible!

Another funny thing that Soren did recently was take off his diaper during the night. He woke me up screaming, which is odd, and when I went in to get him he was lying in his crib with a diaper half on. He'd peed the crib and was wet and cold - which is I suppose why he was screaming. Poor little guy. He was sleeping in only his diaper, so I think I'll be keeping pyjamas on him from now on since I don't think he's figured out snaps or zippers.

Here are some pictures of us watching football on Friday night at my sisters. My sister was trying to take some pictures, and Soren was making the funniest weird faces!

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kendra @ little almanac said...

Your little guy is so cute!! Love those faces!