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A 13-Month Old!

I skipped a few months here - although I wasn't thinking that it had to be a monthly thing. Maybe I'll start a monthly update from here on in? We'll see what happens next month. No promises!

7:00am - You wake up and start fussing in your crib. Sometimes you start talking to yourself, and seem happy to hang out by yourself (and your animals) for quite some time. I'm already up since it's a work day, so I usually shower and get ready before coming in to get you. You have a great big smile when you see me, and then we nurse for a few minutes before getting you dressed. We wake up Daddy and say good-bye to him all in the same moment.

7:30 - We come downstairs for breakfast and you turn on the light for me. Then you take a seat in your highchair and start munching on some blueberries while I make us some toast. You love jam on toast, but are not too sure about honey. More often than not, you throw pieces of your toast to Kya who is hopping up and down around your chair trying to convince you to throw her some scraps. Rupert's still upstairs sleeping - so he misses out on the fun.

8:00 - Out the door and down the street to daycare! I struggle to carry my purse, your diaper bag, and your squirmy self half a block down the street. You are always so interested in things at this time. We talk about the leaves on the trees, cats we pass, and bikes or cars that pass us. When we arrive at the daycare you get really excited to see their dog, Sam. Next - the little boy from daycare greets us and then we'll see Gail! You usually give her a big smile and reach out for her. I ask you for a kiss (which I usually get) and I'm off to work.

4:30 - Your dad picks you up and hears stories about your day. Sometimes Gail texts me pictures of things you guys are up to, and tells me what you ate for lunch. It usually sounds delicious! The other day you ate farmers sausage, snap peas, tofu, rye bread with coconut oil, and grapes. Lucky you! Mommy's lunches are never quite that appetizing.

5:00 - I come home from work and sometimes find you peering out the window watching for me. A lot of the time you are having a little rest in your crib. When you get home from daycare you like to relax for a few minutes in your crib. You don't normally sleep, but you'll hang out for 20 or 30 minutes and 'recharge' for the evening.

5:30 - Play time! I love to watch you walk! You walk all the time now, which is unbelievable considering you only started at the beginning of July. If I'm in the kitchen preparing dinner, you will often open the tupperware drawer and throw everything out, or try to push the buttons on the fridge, or attempt to pull bananas off the counter (and eat them with the skin still on).

6:00 - We eat dinner together and you chatter away. We can often feed you whatever we have made for dinner, although sometimes you make your preferences known and throw things to the dogs. Happily, you've started to like a few more vegetables - specifically corn on the cob and fresh green beans.

6:30 - If we don't have anything on, we'll sometimes take you and the dogs out for a stroll around the neighbourhood or take you to the park. Yesterday you figured out how to climb up the play structure, walk to the slide, slide down (backwards on your tummy) and start the loop again. You were SO PROUD that you didn't need any help at all.

7:00 - Time for a bath, although you're still pretty unhappy with baths. I'm not sure what happened... but a few weeks back you started screaming when we put you in the tub. You still like the idea of the bath, and while it's running you'll watch excitedly and try to climb in, but once your in it's a struggle to keep you there. After a few minutes you start pointing to your towel and grunting - urgently. I get it. Take you out of the tub! Your favourite part of bathtime is getting wrapped up in a towel and making funny faces in the mirror together.

7:30 - Changed into your pj's, or just your diaper if it's too hot, and into bed. I usually try to read you a quick story but after a couple pages you want out of my lap - so it's into your crib you go.

You are such a happy baby and I'm so lucky to have you! I do miss the daytime hours we used to spend together, but I know you're enjoying yourself at daycare and it's nice for you to be around two other little ones. We make the most of our time together on the weekends and try to pack in as much fun as possible. Hopefully one day I will once again get to spend all day with you - but I can't quite do it just now. I'm looking forward to all of the things that you will get to experience this year - halloween, raking leaves, fall clothes (boys love this I'm sure), thanksgiving, snow and Christmas. Even though they won't be your 'firsts', they will be the first time you can actively participate!

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