Summer Saturdays


Here's a glimpse into a typical Saturday for us!

7:15am - S wakes up. We lay in bed, he nurses, we play, and then head downstairs for breakfast around 8:30.

9:00 - We drive to the Farmers Market. It is a BEAUTIFUL day out and the sun is shining. Even at 9am we are hot in just our t-shirts. We wander around the market and pick up some asparagus, beets, and mini cucumbers. Tyler makes a stop for spring rolls, and Soren and I pick up a fresh whole-wheat cinnamon bun to share. We head over to a picnic table where a Brazilian band is just starting up. Soren devours his share of the cinnamon bun, and then has a blast looking at some ducks/chickens in a little coop.
The band starts playing louder, and Soren crawls across the grass right in front of the stage. He starts bopping up and down, and another little boy comes up beside him on a cool little tricycle. We find out the two of them are born exactly a month apart, and comment on how they are both completely bald. Soren LOVES his tricycle, so we think a trip to Toys R Us is in our near future.

11 - We head home because Tyler needs to go to work. Soren's ready for a nap, so I busy myself with laundry and cleaning the kitchen while he sleeps.

2pm - Soren's up from his nap, and we've eaten a quick lunch. We decide to head out in search of a Splash Pad! There are a ton of them in Winnipeg, but not all are open until July 1. It takes us about 40 minutes to walk to the nearest one, which is in kind of a strange area. The splash pad is freezing, because the water isn't heated at all. Most of the splash toys project water at an insane speed, so it's not really suitable for a baby. (Think 10 foot tall buckets of icy water dropping at any second.) There seems to be a mix of kids splashing, and adults 'bathing'. I think I'll try the splash pads a little closer to home next time. He did have fun though, and it was cute to see him in his bathing suit.

3:30 - We leave the splash pad and stop by the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. I've decided to make Steak Fajitas, and I want to have everything ready by the time Tyler gets home from work. I'm envisioning greeting him with lipstick and a dress on, with dinner on the table and wine chilling in the fridge. No small feat with a little guy in tow!

Soren is a complete ham at the grocery store and is waving and 'talking' to everyone he sees. We must have had 10 people comment on how happy is he. After loading the stroller up with groceries, we start the trek home and I take a small detour into a little boutique. Inside, I decide to try on a cute striped cotton dress. The store clerk offers to watch Soren as I duck into the tiny fitting room (actually just a curtain). As soon as I pull the curtain closed I hear him SCREAM! (He is only 2 feet away from me.) I try to play peek-a boo with the store girl attempting to play along... but as soon as I am 'gone' he freaks out. I pull him into the change room with me and throw the dress over my shorts and tank. At this point I feel I should buy it since we've disrupted the store... but I leave empty handed.

5pm - We arrive home and put the groceries away. I decide to give S a bath, after which I put him down for a little nap so I can vacuum and change. He sleeps for about 45 minutes, which proves to be too long.

6:30 - Soren's in his highchair mowing down a hot dog (all-natural picked up at the Farmer's Market earlier), and I'm dancing around the kitchen listening to Blue Rodeo. Soren thinks I'm completely nuts. The tables set, dinner is prepped, and I've managed to put on some lipstick. Tyler walks in the door!

8:00 - Try to put S down, as dinner's ready and we are ready to eat by ourselves. He normally goes to bed around 7:30/8. He screams. We turn the music up, pour some wine, and try to settle in. The screams stop. Tyler and I enjoy a delicious dinner  - the flank steak turns out perfectly thanks to Tyler's superb grilling skills! As we are helping ourselves to seconds, we hear Soren start crying again. Tyler goes up to sit with him.

9 - I'm enjoying my second glass of wine, the kitchen's cleaned, and I'm watching the worst show on TV - The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Tyler's still upstairs sitting with Soren. Normally he goes to bed so easily, so we hope this is not the start of something new... I think I'll write off his bedtime issues with the fact that I gave him a late nap.

There you have it! A wonderful Saturday, and pretty typical of how we usually spend our days off:)

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