My first pie!


This morning Soren and I woke up extra early, threw on our clothes, and headed out to watch my dad run in a half marathon. The weather was beautiful - perfect for running, or watching runners in our case. We watched lots of people go by, and then along came Grandpa! He stopped just long enough to kiss us on the heads and he was off! I'm not sure Soren was too clear on what was happening, because he was completely enthralled by 2 musicians who had set up right beside us. He clapped his hands along with the beat and bopped his head up and down.

I'm so mad that our camera is broken. I tried to take a few shots with my phone, but the one I thought I had of my dad turned out to be just a big blur.

Back at home, I decided it was time to tackle baking my first pie! I'm not a huge pie fan, so it's never really interested me to bake one. However, I know that my dad, grandpa, and husband are all big pie eaters so I thought I'd take the plunge.

It was a little intimidating reading all of the directions. I followed the Classic Apple Pie from America's Test Kitchen and it turned out perfectly. Probably the hardest part was peeling and slicing all of the apples, and that was just tedious, not difficult.

This picture was before it went in the oven. I forgot to take a picture after it was baked, and now there are only crumbs left:)

We headed to my sisters house for dinner, and the pie was a hit! Tyler's 2nd fathers day was a success, and he managed not to get peed on:)

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