A happy day in the sun


What a wonderful start to a long week-end! Last night we went to a friends house for a BBQ, and sat outside until it got dark. It was still warm enough to be outside without a sweater at 10pm. I love summer:)

This morning we woke up late and headed to the Farmer's Market to enjoy our weekly treat of cinnamon buns for breakfast. After filling ourselves with sticky sweets, we drove out to my cottage to spend the day with my family. Sadly, Tyler had to work. 

We swam, lay in the sun, played in the sand, and ate some delicious sweet cherries. It was a day full of sunscreen and sand, naked babies and damp swimsuits. I just got home, put the Littlest to bed and climbed into bed with the laptop. Tomorrow we are going to go to some Canada Day festivities, and then on Monday it's back to the beach!

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