Friday Faves


This week has gone by really fast, but I'm beginning to feel like all of them do! This weekend I have plans to meet up with some girlfriends for drinks, go to my cousins dance recital, and go to another cousins birthday party on Sunday evening. I'm also hoping to go the Farmers Market again, and maybe lay in the sun for a bit.

Here are some of my favourite things right now:

1) Home made iced tea. Sooo refreshing when I come home from work, after surviving a hot and sweaty bus ride.
2) Downton Abbey. I've just discovered this show and I'm in love! I'm almost finished watching season one.

3) Kisses from the Littlest. He is so proud of himself when he gives kisses!! It's the cutest.

4) The not so cute face of the Littlest. Who knows what the problem is? Probably absolutely nothing. His crying pictures make me laugh... and I still think he looks pretty cute.

5) Maxi dresses. Still don't have one, but maybe I can change that soon??
image from Pinterest. I couldn't find the original link... but a comment said the dress was from Target!
I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk. Happy Friday!


Jessica said...

I've heard nothing but good things about Downton Abbey. I think I'm going to have to start watching! And I also love maxi dresses, but I'm afraid to wear one because I'm really short and I'm afraid it might make me look even shorter. But I think they're super cute, so I might have to take the plunge anyway :-)

Niki said...

Those iced teas look sooo good! And I LOVE that dress!

Simone said...

Love your high five! the pics of your little one are great! The iced tea is totally right up my alley and I too have yet to get a maxi dress! Also, i have had Downton Abbey suggested by many friends/family in the recent weeks! I will have to get my hands on it! You have a new follower!