Cool dudes of summer


 We are really lucky to have a fabulous new park in our backyard, or at least a 10 minute drive away. On Sunday afternoon we met up with friends at the park and had a very leisurely afternoon. They have a baby Great Dane... but she is already around 80 lbs at just 5 and a half months!! She's a sweetheart though, despite her imposing size.

We strolled around the park and stopped for an ice-cream for the Littlest, which he devoured. The kid LOVES baked goods, fruit, raisins, and anything desert like. Vegetables - not so much. He's started to make the funniest faces when he doesn't want something... I'm sure we are in for some good food 'fights' as he gets older and more opinionated.

The park has a really cool water feature area, which consists of a series of dams and running water. The kids can build up dams, and then release the water and watch their sand creations get washed away. It's pretty neat, and keeps kids of all ages entertained. We were not so thrilled with the overbearing parents. Since it's a series of dams, no one kid can control it. As soon as someone upstream breaks their dam, down comes the water. You can see how busy it is... but some parents felt the need to bark orders at their kids or anyone else who would listen. 'Stop', 'No', 'Move to the left', 'Don't release the water!'and other orders could be heard from all directions. It was weird - are these parents all engineers? Are they teaching their toddlers the specifications of dam-building? Relax and let them figure it out on their own!! Even Soren was yelled at by other parents. Two different people yelled 'dirty' at him as he was splashing around. Really?? Playgrounds are very interesting places... but its usually the adults doing the inappropriate things, not the children.

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Jelli said...

This park looks like so much fun! Too bad about those parents. I suppose there's not much you can do about though except pray for more patience. Thanks for linking up. Enjoy your new park and that sweet baby.