The Bridge Drive In


For Soren's real birthday we thought we would go to the Bridge Drive In for his first taste of ice cream. (he might have had a tiny bite once before... but this was practically his first time!)

It is well within walking distance but it was looking like rain, and after getting caught in a torrential downpour a few weeks ago we thought we'd play it safe.

No surprise here - the Littlest LOVES ice cream! I got a hot fudge sunday and Tyler got caramel, and he definitely preferred caramel. We went for a walk across the bridge to a little park, and when we came back to the car he started squealing and waving his arms when he caught site of the ice cream stand. The BDI is located about 10 minutes from our house so I hope he doesn't start freaking out every time we pass it!!


Amanda said...

what a little sweet tooth he has! one time i have stella a pastry for breakfast {well part of one} and now every time she sees it on our counter she starts doing what soren does when he sees the ice cream! too funny, our little ones :)

xo, amanda

Jess Judkins said...

awe what great pictures! My son Judah didn't care for ice-cream till a few months ago, he was weirded out that it was cold, now he LOVES the soft serve ice-cream cones :-) doesn't cry just yet when we pass by one.