A biter


Every parents worst nightmare... their kid is a biter!! When I dropped Soren off at his daycare this morning, I was appalled to hear that he had BITEN his caregiver on Monday. She said he was really excited, and came over and chomped her on the arm. She had a huge bruise on her arm! Yikes.

While Soren has never bitten me (hard), he really loves for me to bite his fingers. I pretend to make chomping noises and then 'chomp' down on them as he squeals in delight. Did I create this biting monster?! At least he is biting out of excitement, rather then anger or frustration. (Is that better?)

Luckily his daycare lady is really nice and laid back, and isn't too put off by being bitten. I was texting her today to get updates, but there were no more bites to report.

In other news, I have these blueberry lemon cheesecake bars in the oven right now. I hope mine look as great as this picture. The worst part about cheesecake? I have to wait until tomorrow to try them!
image from InspiredTaste.net

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