And the Dude turns One... almost


We are just cleaning up from Soren's first birthday party! He doesn't turn one until June 12, so I luckily have another week or so before I have to start saying I have a one year old. He's a few quick pictures from the party, and I'll write more later.


Amanda said...

happy first birthday to your little soren!! it looks like you had a wonderful party with beautiful decorations and one happy cake-eater :) i love the "s" cookiest, too!

xo, amanda

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

that is one lucky dude!! especially to get an 'almost birthday party' party! ;)

Tami said...

OMG! That looks so great! Are you a party planner? If your not , you should be!! Happy Birthday little guy:)
XO Tami

Erika said...

Wow - thanks Tami! I am definitely not a party planner but you just made my day!!