Practice Cake


We went to Tyler's parents house for dinner to celebrate his mom's birthday. She brought the cake out and let Soren 'practice' for his upcoming birthday. He was mesmerized by the candle, and immediately tried to grab at the cake. I didn't let him eat any, though. I'm saving that for his official party! I made the cake - a coconut buttercream - which wasn't as good as I was hoping. The icing wasn't sweet enough for my liking, and I think I would have preferred more of a coconut flavour in the cake. Oh well, I guess not all recipes can be amazing! (the letters are supposed to spell 'OLIVE', although it may not be clear from the picture)
I can't believe how quickly the week-end has flown by, and it doesn't even feel like we did that much! Rupert had a bad experience at our regular dog park a couple weeks back, so we were hesitant about taking him back there. I felt like going for a walk this morning, so we headed to a different park that I hadn't been to in ages. It was beautiful! The morning was misty and a little foggy, and the air smelled so good from a rainfall last night. The park we were at was pretty quiet, and the dogs had a blast running around. Soren loves anything outdoors, so he was thrilled to sit in his stroller and 'talk' to us and point out every tree and bush he saw. 

I'm still feeling a little upset about working full time, but I'm not nearly as upset as I was a few weeks ago. This will be Tyler's second week at home with Soren, and then he will start daycare next week. I'm glad the two of them got to spend some extra time together, and I really think Soren has enjoyed it. 

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Amanda said...

what a fun weekend you had! and you made a cake...a coconut buttercream cake at that! i'm way impressed :) so glad to hear you are feeling better after transitiong back into being a working mama. it will always be hard, and some days harder than others, but i do believe it makes us better parents because we appreciate our time together SO much more. and it just makes the weekends that much better, right? happy week to you and your lovely family!

xo, amanda