Party planning!


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Soren is turning ONE soon... so I'm planning a party! I can't quite believe a year has gone by, but I guess I still have a couple weeks left before I have to say that I have a one-year old. For months I was thinking about having a big party and making each and every decoration that I have seen on Pinterest, but that's not happening anymore. Somehow I don't have the time or energy to think up crafts after working a full day. Hopefully I can manage to bake a cake, and have the house looking half decent by the time guests are arriving at the door.

We've been engulfed in a world of rain for the last few days, which is starting to feel a bit blah. Today we decided to head out for a walk with the dogs around 5:30, and stupidly didn't really think about the rain situation. When we were halfway through the walk it started POURING and we had to take shelter in an elementary school that still had it's doors open. As we were huddled in the doorway with the stroller and 2 dogs, a woman came out and offered to drive us home. So nice! Our second stupid decision was not accepting the offer! It was coming down so hard I figured it would pass in a few minutes and we could head home. We huddled in the doorway (and inside after a janitor let us in) for at least half an hour before being bored enough to run home in the rain. I think the Littlest enjoyed it from his warm and dry vantage spot inside his stroller:)

I have a feeling this week is going to fly by... hopefully we will see some sun in the future. I'm ready for summer!

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smk053078 said...

That is why I don't get on Pinterest much anymore. I pin all this stuff and then feel like a failure when I don't ever cook it, craft it or do it. ;) I am sure the birthday is going to be PERFECT with or without the Pinterest projects!! ;)